In 1776 Thomas Paine penned his booklet, “Common Sense”, which denied the validity of the “Divine right of kings”, urged Americans to pursue independence, proposed that American and British interests were divergent, and made the case for the Colonies’ inherent ability to be independent.

Such a case must be made again, but this time we must deny the validity of progressive federalist doctrines, we must urge Americans to pursue true freedom (based on godliness, self-reliance, and true self-governance), we must show that the inherent interests of the Federal Power and the People in their communities are divergent, we must make the case for the inherent ability of people and communities to fend for themselves, and we must do so within a strong spiritual and ideational framework rooted in eternally valid but presently practicable truths and principles.
In short, we need a NEW Common Sense for our generation, and that is what I propose to pen and distribute far and wide via the internet so as to inspire as many people as possible to think, and then act, differently about freedom and their relationship to the government.

My proposal is to take the fight for freedom and engage and use local government as our best defense against encroachments by state and Federal governments. The impetus for this is not merely individual freedom but the preservation of our national union as a free People. As things now stand, we face a potential outcome involving tyranny, civil war, revolution, or secessionism, or even a foreign invastion as well as a combination of all of these tragedies: and tragic these outcomes would be!

If America continues as it is currently going, and if we continue to hope for change through national politics, these tragedies will become an inevitability and not just a possibility. The answer is to become morally grounded in eternal truths that always work when followed, to use local government as our best defense against national government, and to develop a new freedom press at the community to the national level that can replace the current bought press which represents partisan and corporate interests only.

This does not mean that we should leave the national political battlefield, but at this level the best we can hope for is a holding action. None of the major Parties is willing or able to champion your freedom and to transfer any real amount of public wealth and political power from DC and state capitals to free associations and local communities.

We need a NEW Common Sense to restore independence to the People and to free us from the corporate-political behemoth that is dragging this nation to its ruin.

Will you join us?


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