The Freedomist has acquired the name of the shooter of Congreswoman Gabrielle Giffords as Jared Lee Lougner.  A look at his youtube profile and the vidoes he posts suggests a schizephrenic anarchist may be at work in this violent event in American History:

classitup10- jarod loughner

This is the most bizare of the bizare videos posted by the shooter of Congreswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Lee Loughner:


In this video, the Arizona Shooter shows the US Flag and stalks around it, pointing out he has one arm and that a ‘rare bird’ is on his shoulder.  Here are the comments he put underneath this video that suggest he is a schizophrenic anarchist:

From: Starhitshnaz | October 02, 2010  | 317 views
If there’s no flag in the constitution then the flag in the film is unknown.
There’s no flag in the constitution.
Therefore, the flag in the film is unknown.



“you control every- thought, action, and lifestyle- for the person or people as the mind controller”

“Hello, my name is Jared Lee Loughner-  This video is my introduction to you!  My favorite activity is conscience dreaming: the greatest information for my political business information.  Some of you don’t dream- sadly

Jared Lee Loughner’s final thoughts:

“If BCE years are unable to start, the ADE years are unable to begin.



great expose from Pam Geller


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