Do used cars make a good buy? Today, yes. For a long time used cars were considered a downright bad deal. With car manufacturers making cars more sturdy and durable, it makes sense for people on a budget to go for a used car. To start with, look for retail or wholesale values ​​for the cars you're interested in, as well as those which are available in your budget range. Newspaper advertisements and auto magazines are great places to get a good idea on pricing and deals offered by car agencies for buying used cars.

It is very important to get the cars history file before considering it. In Canada, a few provinces insure on the buyer getting a used Car Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) when purchasing a used vehicle. Even though owning a used car can save you money, without thorough research you could end up spending the equivalent of a new car, maybe even more. Taking your own mechanic or someone who is knowledgeable about cars, can help you understand the intricacies of the car you're keen on.

By taking the car for a test drive, it helps you become familiar with its gears and functions. In fact if you know which car you want, ask the dealer if they have more than one of the same make and model. That way you can test drive more and settle on the one you think had everything going for it. Check the paint job done on the car. Sometimes a quick-fix paint job is done to hide the rust underneath. Look out for internal damages as well as general appearance.

When the paperwork is presented to you read the fine print carefully. All car manufacturers offer warranties, so ask the dealer if that warranty can be added onto the car you intend on buying. Before buying, find out insurance quotes as well. Check with your local Vehicle Registration authorities regarding licensing, change of ownership, registration of the vehicle, liens etc.

A cheap car does not mean it's the best second hand car on the market. It probably is cheap because of engine and other issues. It is important to decide on a budget for a used car. Most dealers, to make a quick commission see potential used car buyers and end up getting them to buy something expensive which wont fit into their budget, even after the 'low' monthly plans. When going to see a dealer, be clear about your budget and go with a firm mind.

When making an 'offer', make a low offer. If the car salesperson finds you a potential car buyer it could touch your low offer. Always negotiate and look for discounts from the start of your conversation. You can always walk out if you find the salesperson not interested or unable to match your offer or just pressurizing you. If you see the make and model of the car you're interested in, in two different auto showrooms, and one offers you a discount, call up the other person to find out if they can match this offer with anything better. If any dealer promises you a sweet deal, get it in writing.

Source by Jennie Kakkad


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