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Barack Obama’s administration has enjoyed two years of no accountaiblity.  These are the consequences of elections where a party such as the progressive party of America, the democrat party, gains overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate.  Thanks to the 2010 Election, new consequences of elections are fast approaching for an out-of-control, unwieldy Obama administration.

Highlighting  just a few out-of-control, unaccountable moves by the administration, THE FREEDOMIST asks our readers to recall the GM buyout where the Obama Administration stole wealth from the bondholders of GM and redistributed it to his crony Union boss friends.  Also in that overreaching move, the Obama administration forced an American CEO out and appointed one of their choosing, an old Union Boss just chomping at the bit to ‘stick it to the owners’.  

We all know about Obamacare, so enough said there.  How about the EPA and its efforts to regulate the very air you breathe in a backdoor way to force Cap and Trade on us?  How about the FCC’s attempt to force net neutrality on us through ‘regulations’?  This list of government overreach is as long as the leger on debt this Administration is running up.  Well, come 2011 there’s a new Sherrif in town, and that blind congress that enabled this government overreach will be no more.  Obama will have to contend with the consequences of an election that will hold him and his crony elitists accountable for the overreach, if not the crimes (we will soon find out if any of this overreach rises to that level) of this administration in its zealous attempt to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.

from http://www.realclearpolitics.com/news/ap/politics/2010/Nov/04/cantor_says_house_will_focus_on_overseeing_govt.html?utm_source=web&utm_medium=twitter

Cantor says House will focus on overseeing govt

The Virginia congressman expected to be the next House majority leader says Republican-led committees will devote more time investigating and exposing lapses by the Obama administration and problems with its programs, including bringing critical oversight reports to the House floor for very public debates.

Rep. Eric Cantor wants every committee chairman to investigate administration programs to make sure taxpayers are getting their money’s worth. He’s proposing a featured “oversight” hearing of the week. He’s even ready to limit naming of post offices to one day a month, so that committees can spend their time on investigations.

Cantor, in a letter to fellow Republicans outlining his plans for running the House next year, said President Barack Obama “is now actively working to enact his agenda through agency regulations.” He proposed using committee investigations and the “congressional power of the purse” to stop wasteful spending and programs that don’t create jobs.


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