Obama and Progressive “Christianity” as championed by Cathleen Falsani

President Obama recently held a prayer breakfast, at which he proclaimed his faith to wild accolades from the so-called mainstream Christian media.  Many of these enthusiastic supporters of Obama as the nonpareil of a devout Christian are taking their lead from a leftist ideologue who uses the Word like liberation ideology uses the Word, to convince us that Jesus was a Progressive who would be for abortion, homosexual marriage, and government control of our lives.  That ideologue is Cathleen Falsani.

Here is an excerpt from her article lauding the merits of the devout Obama, who pushes abortion paid by taxpayers through Obamacare, who endorses homosexuality through the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, but who, apparently is more devout than most other Christians:

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday (Feb. 3),

President Obama made a compelling case for something terribly unusual: humble faith…..

what I heard in Chicago so many years ago is precisely what I heard again in Thursday’s prayer breakfast address:

Obama not only is a genuine Christian, but he is also its rarest kind: a humble follower of Jesus Christ….


It is telling that this article appeared in the leftist propaganda site, The Huffington Post.

Cathleen Falsani was an early supporter of Barack Obama and his alleged Christian faith.  Here is a description of the now famous 2004 Falsani interview with then-State Senator Barack Obama in which Falsani established herself as Obama’s ‘Christian” propagandist:

The most detailed and fascinating explication of Barack Obama’s faith came in a 2004 interview he gave Chicago Sun Times columnist Cathleen Falsani when he was running for U.S. Senate in Illinois. The column she wrote about the interview has been quoted and misquoted many times over, but she’d never before published the full transcript in a major publication.

Because of how controversial that interview became, Falsani has graciously allowed us to print the full conversation here.
Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/stevenwaldman/2008/11/obamas-interview-with-cathleen.html#ixzz1DHEWtIgG


Here is the Wikipedia outline of just who this leftist apologist really is:

Cathleen Falsani (born September 25, 1970) is an American journalist and blogger. She is an award-winning religion columnist who writes for Religion News Service and Sojourners magazine. She has also written for the Chicago Sun Times. Falsani is the author of several non-fiction books that with religious, spiritual, and cultural issues.

She was the 2005 Religion Writer of the Year, as awarded by the Religion Newswriters Association, a professional society of reporters, editors and producers who cover religion for the secular media in the United States and Canada….

And who is the organization for which she garnered this award.  This should tell you their true agenda:

In 2001, the RNA was criticized by conservative commentator David Kupelain for its criticism of the expression “Islamic terrorist” and other expressions, of which the RNA said: “similar phrases that associate an entire religion with the action of a few.”[21] In 2006, representatives from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Church of Scientology spoke to the annual RNA conference and discussed issues concerning their respective faiths.[22] …. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_Newswriters_Association

Cathleen Falsani proves her leftist ideology in this article that calls out Christians for daring to believe homosexuality is a sin, quotes the son Jim Bakker as saying Christianity was ‘late on slavery, and late on civil rights”, this despite the fact that in BOTH instances Christians were at the fore pushing for change, risking their lives to do so:

Most of my dearest friends are Christians.

And more than a few of my dearest friends are gay Christians.

As an evangelical, that last part is not something that, traditionally and culturally, I’m supposed to say out loud. For most of my life, I’ve been taught that it’s impossible to be both openly gay and authentically Christian….

I’m grateful for a growing number of evangelical leaders who are bravely offering a different answer.

….In his new book Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self and Society, Jay Bakker, the son of Jim Bakker and the late Tammy Faye Messner, gives clear and compelling answers to my nagging questions.

Simply put, homosexuality is not a sin, says Bakker, 35, pastor of Revolution NYC, a Brooklyn evangelical congregation that meets in a bar….

….“The church has always been late,” Bakker told me in an interview this week. “We were late on slavery. We were late on civil rights. And now we’re late on this…..

Only time will tell whether more evangelical leaders — Emergent, emerging, or otherwise — will add their voices to the chorus calling for full and unapologetic inclusion of homosexuals in the life of the church.

But I’m sensing a change in the wind (and the Spirit.)

Might the evangelical church be on the verge of a Gay Awakening?

I prayerfully hope so……


The argument is put forth that the original Greek translated as ‘homosexual’ is more akin to prostitution.  But Romans 1:26-27 does not use the word homosexual, but rather is specific in describing homosexual acts:

Romans 1:26  For this reason God gave them up to evil passions, and their women were changing the natural use into one which is unnatural:

27  And in the same way the men gave up the natural use of the woman and were burning in their desire for one another, men doing shame with men, and getting in their bodies the right reward of their evil-doing.

Falsani’s commitment to leftist ideology comes through in her ignorance of scripture that overtly challenges leftist Christians who use God, like she does, like Obama does, to try to browbeat the rest of us to accept their liberation theology, which is the corruption and exploitation of the Word to sell us on Leftist, Progressive, government control, licentious ideology.

Let me close this analysis of who the person behind the great statement that Obama is the rarest of the rarest Christians, the humble Christ Follower, with this blurb from an incident around Falsiani’s praise and worship of the death of Jerry Falwell, she being the rarest of Christians, one who does not ACTUALLY follow the Word:

Chicago Sun-Times Writer Cathleen Falsani Needs Sensitivity Training after Comparing Jerry Falwell to Tony Soprano

UPDATE on this story: Chicago Sun-Times religion columnist Cathleen Falsani – author of a controversial column titled, “Sigh of Relief over Falwell’s Death” contacted Americans For Truth late Friday afternoon for the sole purpose of requesting that we remove her copyrighted photo from our website (which we did). When AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera sought to engage Falsani in a discussion about her anti-Falwell column, she curtly said she was only calling for the “legal purpose” of removing the photo. “I’m not interested in engaging in dialogue with you,” she said…..

In fact, my very first thought upon hearing of the Rev. Falwell’s passing was: Good.
And I didn’t mean “good” in a oh-good-he’s-gone-home-to-be-with-the-Lord kind of way. I meant “good” as in “Ding-dong, the witch is dead.”
– Cathleen Falsani, “Sigh of Relief over Falwell’s Death,” May 18, Chicago Sun-Times



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