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You want more taxes to pay for these guys? CBS says you do

IF up to 45% of ALL Americans households were Union households or public worker households, THEN most Americans would prefer to keep Union wages and benefits high, even if that meant higher taxes.

Leftist poll uses imbalance of Union and Public Worker Households to gin up support for failed Union Campaign against taxpayers in Wisconsin- Paul Collier

Leftist blog sites and news outlets are all bubbling over with glee at a new poll that shows support for Union worker rights is almost two to one.  The question posed to 984 adults is whether they support public worker unions having the benefits they have AND the collective bargaining agreement.  By almost a 2-1 margin (60-33) these representatives of America selected the Unions.  From this, leftist agit prop sites like talkingpointsmemo extrapolate we would rather pay HIGHER taxes than see our unions lose any benefits or pay.  Not surprisingly, 45% of the respondents are either union or public worker households:

More Americans would rather raise taxes than reduce state employee benefits to close a budget shortfall, according to a new New York Times/CBS poll.


That’s right, thanks to these 984 fine American adults who were called by CBS (Communist Broadcasting Systems- why not?), the world now knows Americans would rather see their property taxes raised than dare force those extra special public employees to pay into their own retirement, healthcare, or get any pay cut (even though many of those same taxpayers already have- but these public workers are SPECIAL).

There’s just one little problem with this poll.  It seems that the poll has an inordinate number of, you guessed it, union households and public workers INCLUDED as the representatives of all of America’s wishes to pay extra taxes to keep their standard of living higher than the taxpayers they allegedly serve.

You see, back in 2007, only 9% of all Americans were members of a Union, and another 7% had someone in their household who was a union member.  Lest you think that adds up to a tidy number of 16%, remember than you can’t count the same household twice.  But let’s be generous and use the 16% figure as the number of households in 2007 that had a union member actually living with them.

Overall, these results show that 9% of Americans are personally members of a labor union. Another 7% have a spouse or other household members who belong to a union.

Well, in the last 3 years, Unions have only gotten smaller, not larger.  So what is that percentage of households with a union member today?  In only one year, from 2009 to 2010, the union membership rate fell .4%.  The trend the last 3 years has been the same, or worse:

Overall, the union membership rate fell to 11.9 percent, down from 12.3 percent the prior year. In contrast, the union membership rate in 1983 – the first year comparable data was available – was 20.1 percent, representing 17.7 million workers. Other notable findings include the following:

  • A substantially higher percentage of public sector workers, 36.2 percent, were unionized, compared to 6.9 percent for the private sector.

In that little blurb above, did you note the dominance of unions in the public sector?  Without public worker unions, the full percentage of unions members in America would be less than half what it is with them.  This is why ALL union thugs come out so desperately for their public worker soldiers, to keep their dream of union dominance alive.

Now if we give the unions a benefit of the doubt (and we already have) and assume 15% of American households have a union member, then how do we explain the polling sample being used by CBS (Communist Broadcasting Systems- that felt so good to type).

The poll also identifies people who have a union member or a public employee in their household as 25%.  Remember, about 8% of Americans are directly employed by governments:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, government accounted for about 8% of jobs in the United States back in 2006:

Let us assume that government grew by 25% since 2006.  That means 12% of all Americans are public employees.  The percentage of households that have a public employee could be as high as 18%.  This poll uses 20 percent of households having union members (5 points higher than our generous number of 15% we give these guys) and also says that 25 percent of the households having a public employee (6% higher than our generous number of 18%). How much overlap is there? In other words, we can assume that not ALL of the people who said yes to one of those questions said yes to both, nor can we assume that NONE said yes to both.

Statisticially speaking, if up to 18% of households have a public worker and if 39% of those workers are unionized, then no more than 8% of the 20% listed as “union housheholds” would be overlap. We can, therefore, say that this survey is asserting that 37% of all US Households fall in one of three categories- union workers, unionized public workers, or non-union public workers, a number that is well off the mark.

In reality, something like 15 million Americans are members of unions, of which 7 million are unionized public workers, while 20 million are employed in the public sector. There are around 130 million total households in America. In reality, only 37 million Americans are unionized private workers, or unionized public workers, or non-unionized public workers. In a random survey that amounts to around 29%.

If we  grant an poverlap of 8%, that means the sample included 37% of households in one ofn the three categories, a full 8% difference from the most generous estimates of actual numbers.

Instead of no more than 258% of households representing these two protected classes (which, we would be willing to bet, is a VERY generous number), the poll actually has 37%, including the potentuial overlap (which the poll does not specify).  When you add up all the numbers, it comes to a an 8-17 point swing in favor of the extra special union members and those public employees that get to use your tax dollars to take off work and lobby for MORE of your tax dollars.

The nationwide telephone poll was conducted Feb. 24-27 with 984 adults and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all adults. Of those surveyed, 20 percent said there was a union member in their household, and 25 percent said there was a public employee in their household.

THAT’S a TOTAL of 45%, according to this poll. if there is no overlap, who are either union households or household with public workers in them!

Notice the language says “and” not “and/or” and while this is a statistical impossibility, the entire sample is statistically impossible!

If you doubt the invalidity of this agit prop poll, check out this lovely fact:

While this poll tells leftists we Americans want MORE taxes and MORE benefits for public employees, this poll tells a totally different story.  We don’t even support public employees HAVING unions:

As the nation’s eyes fix upon the fascinating battle in Wisconsin, pitting the Republican Governor Scott Walker against public employee union, a poll from the non-partisan Clarus Research Group suggests that most Americans would probably be on the governor’s side on this issue.

Clarus’ nationwide study found that 64 percent of American people think state workers should not be able to join labor unions.

Another 29 percent believe that d government employees should be represented by unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions.

The survey also uncovered a deep divide along party lines– Republicans and independents strongly oppose unionization for government employee. Indeed, only 10 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of independents support the right of public employees to be represented by unions.
Contrarily, 49 percent of Democrats think they should be able to unionize.

By region, voters in the Northeastern states were most supportive of public workers in unions, (42 percent), with Southerners the least supportive (24 percent).

While this slanted poll tries to paint a pro-union, pro-taxes picture of America, here is another poll that shows a plurality of Americans are on the side of Scott Walker against the union thugs now holding the Wisconsin Capital hostage:

48% Back GOP Governor in Wisconsin Spat, 38% Side With Unions …

Feb 21, 2011 Thirty-eight percent (38%) agree more with the unionized public employees, that in their state the average public employee earns more than the average With states across the country finding that benefits for public workers Forty-five percent (45%) of Americans favor them, and 45% don’t.…/48_back_gop_governor_in_wisconsin_spat_38_side_with_unions

So let me ask you, who are you going to believe Communist Broadcasting Systems (CBS) or the American people who DON’T have extra special protections and benefits at the expense of YOUR tax dollars?


Commentary by Bill Collier

This is potentially HUGE folks. The left are touting a new CBS Poll that says 56% of Americans don’t want to see Union members lose any benefits or get a reduction in pay, it also says most Americans don’t want to see the Unions lose any collective bargaining “rights.”
The PROBLEM with this poll of 980 some people is that 45% of those polled either claim to be union members or claim that a public employee is in their home. There are around 7 million public workers and a total of 15 million union members, so how is this a representative sample? This is back to over-sampling of Democrats to make it seem like Democrats are doing better in the polls.
What’s more insane is that this poll claims that 60% of Americans would rather see taxes raise than for public workers to experience a reduction in pay or benefits. CLEARLY almost ALL Union members place their own income and cushy lifestyle over America and would rather YOU pay more taxes than suffer ALONG WITH the rest of us. They want you to suffer more so they don’t have to suffer at all!
If Democrats rely on these bogus polls to try to win an election, then they are headed for ANOTHER shillacking in 2012!

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