Tea Party- center right or christian conservative movement?

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The Godless wing of the Conservative movement, the so-called Center Right, is trying to steer the Tea Party Movement away from social issues such as abortion and marriage issues, keeping them focused purely on economic concerns, as if economic concerns were the root of our ills in American society.  While America continues to see its values erode, with families breaking up and Americans isolating themselves from one another, while abortions rise and divorces along with them, the Godless Center-Right wants the powerful Tea Party movement to turn its gaze away from God and follow the same Godless values these Center-Right elites want to force the rest of us to follow.  If the Tea Party movement follows this guide, they will become an ineffective and useless movement that will fizzle back into the background from where they came.

From http://www.faithfulnews.com/index.php/contents/view_content/135867/pro-life-groups-respond-to-tea-party-activists-calling-for-abortion-backdown

Pro-Life Groups Respond to Tea Party Activists Calling for Abortion Backdown

The letter jointing signed by Republican gay rights activists and a small group of Tea Party leaders has sent shockwaves throughout the pro-life movement.

Two leading pro-life organizations issued a swift response to the letter, which calls for ignoring social issues like abortion in exchange for focusing on the economy.

Concerned Women for America leader Penny Nance told LifeNews.com that social issues shouldn’t be set aside and, instead, should share an equal level of important with fiscal issues in the next session of Congress.

“Social issues should be at the very top of the list of priorities for the new Congress, along with sensible fiscal policies,” she said.


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