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The Death of Marriage-

Don’t Eat the Fruit

Paul Gordon Collier

Genesis 3:4-5 And the snake said, Death will not certainly come to you: For God sees that on the day when you take of its fruit, your eyes will be open, and you will be as gods, having knowledge of good and evil.

What Same-Sex marriage acceptance means to a Christian seeking to advance the Kingdom of God

What Same-Sex marriage acceptance means to a Christian seeking to advance the Kingdom of God

Today was a difficult day for me and many other God-fearing Christians. We saw our nation openly embrace sin and prepare the way to condemn those of us who would defy their decrees. I had a lot of emotions and thoughts, but for most of the day I didn’t know how I felt about the rulings striking down DOMA and Prop 8. At the end of the day, as I write to you now, I ended at an unexpected place.

My initial struggle was in the role of the natural kingdom in reflecting the standards of the Godly Kingdom. I recognize that for Christians, marriage is one of the centerpieces of our faith, marriage defined in very specific ways. I will show just how significantly as this article proceeds.

Because of this, I will never give endorsement to what God calls sin, even under threat of the government or for the sake of societal acceptance. To do so would not be ‘tolerant’, it would be hateful, enabling people to more easily move towards the second death.

There is only one marriage that is sanctified and loved by the one true God. That marriage is not simply a marriage between a man and woman, but one in which the man and the woman recognize the purpose of their marriage, to glorify the King and lead others to do the same. There is only one relationship where two people are said to be of ‘one flesh’, the marriage of a man to a woman. No human logic, no majority opinion, no assaults on God’s law by man’s arrogance, by man’s desire to play at God, will change that.

But what is it we can expect from the natural kingdoms we live in? Should we, for instance, expect this natural kingdom to uphold God’s law by force of the gun? The question is complex, and, despite my efforts to sincerely understand what I can expect my natural nation to be called to do in the name of God, when it serves believers and non-believers alike, I don’t have a clear understanding.

I am sure of abortion, for it involves the murder of unborn children. But I am unsure of what a state should be expected to do or not to do regarding defining marriage by God’s terms. I would say I lean towards not wanting governments to define marriage, tax marriage, or even give benefits to marriage. Taxation should be simple, a reflection mostly of one’s ability to share the burden of funding governance, protection, public need (much more narrowly defined than this leviathan currently has done in our age).

Having said all that, I am not seeking, in this article, to come to resolution on the role of the natural kingdom in defining marriage as God has defined marriage. While I wrestled with this question for much of the day, I found myself increasingly veering from the question altogether. I found myself reflecting on what the decision and the acceptance of the decision tells us about this nation and, much more importantly, the whole sea of people that God regularly places around us.

You see, as a Christian I find myself more concerned over souls than ‘rights’. Nations will defy God for as long as there are nations. And this nation already defies God in a multiplicity of ways, and has so since 1787 with the provision in our Constitution defining other men as being 3/5 of a person. Yet God blessed us and gave us an opportunity to fulfill the promise set out by that Constitution, a promise never fulfilled, and a promise that, it seems, will most likely never be fulfilled in the American iteration. It will fall on nations that will come after us to pick up the promise and seek to draw closer to fulfilling it.

If we look at the promise and its limitations, this will help us understand more profoundly what today means in our experiment as a republic that once reflected, imperfectly, inconsistently, the shadow of the Kingdom of God. This is important for us to understand what this says about individual people who comprise the spirit of a land that would be given to such declarations as we bore witness to today.

America’s promise is one that can never be fulfilled, for it rests in the full faith of a life, a community, a people completely surrendered to and centered on the love of Christ, not from legal compulsion but a personal, loving encounter with Christ through the Holy Spirit. Then and only then will we love with perfection. Then and only then will we see character as our only definition of the people in front of us, not the color of our skin or the shapes of our bodies or the accent that colors our words.

Galatians 3:28 There is no Jew or Greek, servant or free, male or female: because you are all one in Jesus Christ.

America’s promise was written by imperfect men, some of whom walked deeply in Christ, others of whom had deep reverence for Christ and a belief that His standards, His ways, were the model for governance, and still others who were agnostics, even atheists, who saw in Christ a man who had a good teaching and nothing more.

America’s promise, from the start, was a shadow of the full promise of the Kingdom of God, whose purpose is to draw ALL of us closer to Him and further from the death of this fallen world so that He would be exalted. Until we no longer need guns to be just and loving with one another, we will never approach the glory of the Kingdom of God here on earth. It requires 100 percent belief from 100 percent of the people. This will NEVER be accomplished on this earth.

So long as the majority of a people are seeking God, the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, the God who sent His only Son to die so that we could be reconciled to Him, our laws in the natural will reflect His values, His ways for how man relates to man. Human governance in the natural can never do more than this. For God alone, the Holy Spirit alone, can bring us to our knees to worship Him and love Him. States were never meant to compel us to do what God himself has chosen not to force us to do. The fear and the love of the Lord must be felt and experienced freely, through the Holy Spirit.

So long as the vast majority of a people are seeking Baal, are seeking the Serpent’s path in the Garden, to be like God, to be God, to be Utopian builders, or to believe others can build a Utopia on earth for them to enjoy, our laws will be increasingly Godless. We will make sin good and we will make righteousness evil. We will champion the murder of the unborn and the vilification of those who would stand as prophets and call the land to repent and turn away from their Baal worship, their self-idolatry.

This is where we are now. So while I have experienced the grief of this day, the fear of the persecution to come as homosexuality becomes a state requirement, I am also moved at the end of the day with the fruit of this land that shows me something far more painful to comprehend than my personal fear of persecution, the anguish of the coming second death for whole peoples around us right now.

All around us, brothers and sisters in Christ, darkness has become light and light has become darkness. We are in the end times. Whether these times are to go on for a day more or a hundred thousand years more, we are still, nonetheless, in the end times, the end of the hope for salvation and the start of the great sifting.

God is preparing to cut down the wheat and separate the wheat from the chaff He is preparing to burn up the chaff so that they experience the second death, the death that Christ conquered but they still embraced. The Supreme Court Ruling and the reaction of this land to these rulings is not really about homosexual marriage, but about the death around us, the millions of lost who do not know God, even if they profess to believe Him with their lips.

If you love your family, if you love your friends, if God has moved you to feel love for the people around you, this should fill you with great anguish. Your family members are dying, are moving to their second deaths. Your friends are dancing towards flames. Your neighbors are eating and drinking their way to eternal suffering.

God is evident all around us, even to the Atheist, who works to discredit Him and discredit His works. Even the atheists attempt to use God to defend their godlessness. “Christians”, casual believers in a vague God, attempt to come to a logical definition of a God who would love and embrace homosexuality. Modernists will work out their syllogistic logic to get to a then b then c, and c ends with God embracing Homosexuality. Post-Modernists will look for ‘self-contradicting’ logic loops to deconstruct God and remove Him from consideration altogether.

These rulings, and their embrace by this nation, are not about homosexuals and their ‘rights, but rather they are a watermark moment for this land, one that will produce deep, chilling consequences for how our nation views its relation to God. It is a significant departure from His guidance and an embrace of the godless ideology of the Utopians, the God-makers, and the Self-edifying Idol Makers. They call themselves rationalists, relativists, progressives, whose identity is centered in man, In the same way, the identities of Adam and Eve had been removed from God and were focused on themselves when they dared listen to the FIRST rationalist, the FIRST secularist, the FIRST relativist, the FIRST progressive, the serpent who said- eat, and be like God.

If you do not think this is the work of the Serpent, if you have created your customized God from rationalistic or relativististic God-making logic, then let me show you how marriage is the one institution the Serpent most wants to destroy and why he, and not the homosexuals, chose the rainbow as their flag for the army they have raised against God.

What is the first community God created on earth for us? The answer is marriage. It is the central metaphor throughout the Old and New Testament for how God views our relationship to Him. When the Serpent deceived Eve, he was coming between Adam and Eve. He did not speak to the Husband, only to the wife. So long as Adam and Eve lived out a marriage that glorified God, that conversation never takes place. Eve and Adam consult one another. Adam tells Eve about hearing directly from God that they should not eat this fruit. The Serpent’s voice is silenced.

But the Serpent spoke directly to Eve, not to the marriage, even though the two were already said to have been ‘one flesh’. In their case, they literally were, as Eve came from Adam’s rib.

To understand how sacrosanct marriage is to God, think about Hosea. He was a prophet called to deliver a message of repentance to the nations around him, including Judea and Israel. The metaphor God uses with Hosea is of a bridegroom with a profligate, unfaithful wife. God is the bridegroom who takes back His lying, cheating wife over and over again.

To make His point, God commands Hosea to take a profligate wife. They have children. The wife then leaves him and goes back into prostitution. God calls on Hosea to take back his wife, to buy her from slavery. So Hosea does as he is commanded, fulfilling in shadow what Christ will do later, through the Cross, buying His bride, us, from slavery, sin, from the second death. He paid with his body, his blood, his spirit.

There are many more examples in the Old and New Testament to marriage being THE central metaphor for Christ to the Body. We are the bride. He is the bridegroom. Homosexual marriage is a direct assault, a perversion of that model God has given us

In the New Testament, Paul shows us the fullness of the marriage covenant as a model of the New Covenant. In the Old Testament, only a shadow of that model is seen. In Paul’s description, marriage is to be a witness of that covenant, which will bring glory to God and lead others to do the same.

The man, not the woman, has a role to fulfill. The woman, not the man, has a role to fulfill. The woman is called to obey her husband, to submit to him as we submit to Christ. The man is called to serve his wife, to put his wife first over all things save for Christ himself. The man and the woman build the model of Christ to the body through which others may come to glorify the Father who is in heaven. Marriage, then, for Christians, is the shadow of the New Covenant we have under Christ.

For those who do not marry, Paul calls them to be celibate, to be married to Christ alone. If you cannot resist sexual desire, get married, but if you do, make your marriage a model of Christ to the Church so that others might be brought to see Him and come to glorify Him as well.

If you force Christians to change the definition of marriage (as if you could, for you can only ultimately threaten us with heaven), you force us to deny the central tenets of our faith. You kill Christ. The serpent knows this, and this is why he whispers into the ears of the “Christians”, do you really think God condemns homosexual marriage? Does that seem like a loving God to you? Rationalism, Relativism, Post-Modern Deconstruction will be the tools the serpent uses to separate you from God.

This is what he is setting up through men and women who believe they are building their own kingdoms. This is why they hate Christians so vehemently, especially those who understand our faith (inasmuch as any non-believer can understand something the Holy Spirit alone can deeply reveal to us). Our very faith stands in the way of their personal god-making, utopia-building, state worshiping efforts.

Now, the homosexuals, and those who support them, are witting an unwitting enemies of God seeking to undo the covenant itself between God and man, that Christ will be our Bridegroom and we will be His bride. The symbol they have chosen to adopt is no accident, however ostensibly the historical record tells us it occurred.

Their symbol is the rainbow, which is the symbol God chose to represent another covenant, this one with the earth. In Genesis Chapter 9, God tells Noah this, after the waters of the flood has subsided:

9 Truly, I will make my agreement with you and with your seed after you,

10 And with every living thing with you, all birds and cattle and every beast of the earth which comes out of the ark with you.

11 And I will make my agreement with you; never again will all flesh be cut off by the waters; never again will the waters come over all the earth for its destruction.

12 And God said, This is the sign of the agreement which I make between me and you and every living thing with you, for all future generations:

13 I will put my bow in the cloud and it will be for a sign of the agreement between me and the earth.

14 And whenever I make a cloud come over the earth, the bow will be seen in the cloud,

15 And I will keep in mind the agreement between me and you and every living thing; and never again will there be a great flow of waters causing destruction to all flesh.

16 And the bow will be in the cloud, and looking on it, I will keep in mind the eternal agreement between God and every living thing on the earth.

17 And God said to Noah, This is the sign of the agreement which I have made between me and all flesh on the earth.

Their very symbol is a perversion of that covenant. The marriage they champion is a perversion of our covenant with Christ. They are attempting, wittingly or not, to undo the covenant God has with man and the covenant God has with every living creature on this earth.

Having said all this, the case for the state to define marriage or not to define marriage is not what I am attempting to show here. I will let God deal with who He will judge and who He will have grace on as far as states and nations are concerned. What I am hoping to show you here is not why “Traditional”, God-based marriage should be upheld but why you, as a Christian, should be in great anguish over the lost around you, as reflected in the willingness of a people to make such ‘legal’ and symbolic pronouncements against God’s sacred covenants with the earth and with man.

That the serpent has the ear of so many, that such a vulgar assault on the two great covenants God has with us today would be viewed as progress and freedom should let you know how truly fallen the people are around you, people where you work, people who live In your homes. Rather than be angry, rather than fear the persecution to come, you should be in mourning for the thousands of people who died today without knowing, without loving Christ, and the thousands who are preparing to die tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

If you are not a Christian, or are a Christian who still feels empowered to fully understand and define God on your assumptions of love and justice, I want to leave you with a warning from Job, whom, it should be noted, God ALLOWED to be attacked by the Serpent himself.

God let Satan take away Job’s children, Job’s property, Job’s health, but He did not let the Serpent take two things, both of which also echo the two covenants we live under today; His life, (God’s Covenant with the earth) and his wife (the symbol of the new covenant, made possible by our groom, Christ).

Job did not know about this conversation God had with Satan. Job was not aware of how God let Satan assault him so that God might show Satan how righteous Job was and thus, in turn, how helpless Satan was to overcome the righteousness of God in a man who feared and loved the Lord with all of his heart, his soul, his mind.

Job had an understanding of who God was and what the fruit of righteousness looked like. If you were righteous, you were blessed. If you were unrighteous, you were cursed. Yet he knew he was righteous, but still he was cursed. By his reckoning, it was God himself who was afflicting him. As Job is battling with his three friends, all trying to convince Job he was a wicked man being punished because of his sins, Job has this moment of clarity. It is a moment that shuts down the modernists and makes the post-modernists dumb with deconstruction. It is a moment of humility and resignation not permitted by modernist Utopians or Post-Modernist Dystopians.

Job comes to a place where he acknowledges he can only know God in part, never in whole. It is the place where we all must get to if we are to be able to rebuke the Serpent when he says we should eat this fruit and be like God. But Satan, we will say, we can’t be like God. The chapter in Job I am referring to is chapter 28. It ends with a definition of wisdom that Solomon would have done well to follow:

And he said to man, Truly the fear of the Lord is wisdom, and to keep from evil is the way to knowledge.

Solomon was the wisest man in the world, the wisest man that would ever be, yet His righteousness, in the end, was found lacking. His sins caused the Lord to separate the Tribe of Judah from the other Tribes of Israel. If only he had simply feared the Lord and kept himself from evil.

Perhaps, if you are busy attempting to define a God you are comfortable with, if you fancy yourself capable of rationalizing or deconstructing the Is, Was, and Always Will Be, the one who calls Himself I AM, then you should read this chapter of Job very carefully. Share it with your family, your friends. Prepare yourself to be a witness to the King through the persecution to come that others might come to the Father and be delivered from death.

For even as I have written this, and you are reading it, men and women are striving to be God in word and deed, seeking the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil where THEY, in the end, get to define such things. They are being destroyed by their own self-worship. The harvest is many but the workers are few. Prepare yourself to work, brothers and sisters, for where there is darkness there will be great opportunities for us to show the light.

I leave you with the 28th chapter of Job:

Job 28:1 Truly there is a mine for silver, and a place where gold is washed out.

2 Iron is taken out of the earth, and stone is changed into brass by the fire.

3 Man puts an end to the dark, searching out to the farthest limit the stones of the deep places of the dark.

4 He makes a deep mine far away from those living in the light of day; when they go about on the earth, they have no knowledge of those who are under them, who are hanging far from men, twisting from side to side on a cord.

5 As for the earth, bread comes out of it; but under its face it is turned up as if by fire.

6 Its stones are the place of sapphires, and it has dust of gold.

7 No bird has knowledge of it, and the hawk’s eye has never seen it.

8 The great beasts have not gone over it, and the cruel lion has not taken that way.

9 Man puts out his hand on the hard rock, overturning mountains by the roots.

10 He makes deep ways, cut through the rock, and his eye sees everything of value.

11 He keeps back the streams from flowing, and makes the secret things come out into the light.

12 But where may wisdom be seen? and where is the resting-place of knowledge?

Job 28:13 Man has not seen the way to it, and it is not in the land of the living.

14 ¶The deep waters say, It is not in me: and the sea says, It is not with me.

15 Gold may not be given for it, or a weight of silver in payment for it.

16 It may not be valued with the gold of Ophir, with the onyx of great price, or the sapphire.

17 Gold and glass are not equal to it in price, and it may not be exchanged for jewels of the best gold.

18 There is no need to say anything about coral or crystal; and the value of wisdom is greater than that of pearls.

19 The topaz of Ethiopia is not equal to it, and it may not be valued with the best gold.

20 ¶From where then does wisdom come, and where is the resting-place of knowledge?

21 For it is kept secret from the eyes of all living, unseen by the birds of the air.

22 Destruction and Death say, We have only had word of it with our ears.

23 God has knowledge of the way to it, and of its resting-place;

24 For his eyes go to the ends of the earth, and he sees everything under heaven.

25 When he made a weight for the wind, measuring out the waters;

26 When he made a law for the rain, and a way for the thunder-flames;

27 Then he saw it, and put it on record; he gave it its fixed form, searching it out completely.

28 And he said to man, Truly the fear of the Lord is wisdom, and to keep from evil is the way to knowledge. Freedom News Journal- Read More

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