Christine O' Donnell supporters rally for Delaware Election

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The invincible juggernaut, Chris Coons, in the Delaware Senate Race may be more vulnerable to a Christine O’Donnell win in tomorrow’s special Delaware Election than previously thought.  A number of factors reveal the polls being publicized may be based on outdated assumptions about the voter make-up that will show up in tomorrow’s election for the Delaware Senate Seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden.


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Delaware Senate: Our polling for this race has largely shown a result that’s more favorable to O’Donnell, though recent polling by Tea Party Express has corroborated our 6-point O’Donnell deficit.  Polls that give Coons a lead of 18, 19, and 20 points are, much like in the case of the California races, using inaccurate numbers to represent the composition of voters.  For example, the Fairleigh Dickinson poll released today showed O’Donnell down 21 points, largely because, as the poll showed, O’Donnell was only shown to be receiving support from only 74% of conservatives.  In our poll, O’Donnell was shown to receive support from 89% of voters who identify themselves as conservatives.  The discrepancy, it seems, could stem from the date of the Dickinson poll; it was taken over 6 days from October 20 to 26.  During that time span, O’Donnell has gained traction by showing that she isn’t quite as crazy as the media would like for you to believe. Additionally, our poll shows less of a gap between Coons and O’Donnell among unaffiliated voters, though Coons does still hold a lead.  The likely voter electorate was composed of 32%-Republicans, 43%- Democrats, 24%- Independents.

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