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Delaware Senate Race- Is Christine O’Donnell being attacked by GOP for being Conservative?- Paul Collier- Freedomist.com
In a recent spate of exchanges between the Christine O’Donnell camp and the party elites of the Delaware GOP, allegations have been leveled by the O’Donnell camp that the GOP establishment of Delaware is intentionally trying to undermine her campaign against their hand-picked choice for the Senate nomination in this November’s Special Senate Election, Mike Castle.
As the Freedomist has outlined in numerous articles, Mike Castle is not merely a RINO, he is an outright progressive who votes consistently with the most damaging Freedom-killing bills that have come down the pike, including authoring AND co-sponsoring the assault on Free Speech the progressives would love to cram through the Lame Duck Congress, The Disclose Act.

So why did the GOP establishment not only support, but actually actively pursued Mike Castle to run for the GOP nomination? And does Christine O’Donnell have a case to make that the GOP elites are, in fact, deliberately trying to undermine her campaign using the most low-handed, and debased methods possible? And what does this GOP Establishment hope to gain by preventing Christine O’Donnelll from being the nomination?

The answer to the first question may come from the man who represents the Delaware GOP, State Chair Tom Ross, a choice the Libertarians of Delaware lauded:


BREAKING : Tom Ross – The Next Chairman of the State GOP

Tom Ross, currently the Chairman of the Wilmington Republican Party, will be running for State Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party.

Tom just sent out the announcement. He let the State Executive Committee know last night. To my knowledge he will be unopposed for the position.

I can’t think of a better person for the job. I have known Tom for years. In spite of some wrangling when I ran for State Senate in 2006, we remain great friends.

More importantly, he is a very libertarian-oriented, inclusive, grassroots Republican who has, as long as I have known him, been about accountable limited government in Delaware. He is practical on issues with no ideological axes to grind.

Notice the phrase, “no ideological axe to grind”. This is a buzzword for social values, for capitulating to the left on the morality front. Certainly a solid Conservative like Christine O’Donnell would be anathema to a libertarian (re: Liberal) man like Tom Ross, who is directing the whole Delaware GOP machine to knock a true conservative out of this race in favor of a de facto progressive.

Of course, you ask, what is the proof that the GOP Elites (that is, Libertarians, Rinos, Closet Progressives who have infiltrated the GOP) are using the might and machine to assault Christine O’Donnell?

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The great cry that has gone out against Christine O’Donnell by the progressive-GOP is that Christine is “unelectable”. The so-called pragmatists want you to believe it is better to elect a progressive with a GOP pin on his lapel than to lose outright to a progressive. After all, Christine O’Donnell couldn’t possibly win in a general election. Is that really true?

Look at this from Rasmussen:

Rasmussen Polls: According to Rasmussen this July, Christine has officially debunked the myth that she cannot win in November… hence, Republicans DO NOT have to tolerate career politician and King RINO Mike Castle’s liberalism: http://www.removerinos.com/CastleM.html


Christine O’Donnell (R) Chris Coons (D) Some Other Candidate Not Sure
July 12, 2010 41% 39% 7% 12%

Now remember folks, Chris Coons belongs to the incumbent party. Any political observer will point out to you that when the incumbent party candidate is less than 10 points ahead of the opposition party candidate this far out from the general election, it bodes very badly for the party in power. As Christine surges ahead of Chris Coons, Mike Castle has seen his numbers plummet in comparison:


2010 Delaware Senate Race

Mike Castle (R) Chris Coons (D) Some Other Candidate Not Sure
July 12, 2010 47% 36% 6% 11%
April 29, 2010 55% 32% 7% 7%
February 22, 2010 53% 32% 8% 8%
January 25, 2010 56% 27% 5% 13%

As you can see, Mike Castle’s lead over Coons has dropped from 29 points to only 11, with two months of campaigning still ahead.

Here, State Chair makes the now infamous claim that she “could not be elected dog catcher”:


Wary of tea party, GOP attacks Senate candidate

By PHILIP ELLIOTT (AP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — Delaware Republicans call Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell a liar who “could not be elected dog catcher” in a fierce attack that underscores GOP fears of the tea party-backed candidate knocking off top recruit Rep. Mike Castle and winning the nomination.

The State GOP Party of Delaware has a strange ally, the Huffington Post, the leftist blog that has every reason to echo the false narrative the Delaware GOP is trying to push. Here is the statement Huffington Post is using against Christine O’Donnell:

Yesterday, the state GOP went after O’Donnell for what can best be described as questionable finances. In the process, the state Republican Party cautioned the Tea Party Express from injecting significant money — as it has pledged — into the primary race.

While it is disappointing that the Tea Party Express has not done any due diligence on troubled perennial candidate Christine O’Donnell, it is our hope that they will investigate her half-truths and outright lies before squandering tens of thousands of dollars on a candidate who is not electable in Delaware or anywhere else for that matter.

That statement was issued by Libertarian, er, GOP State Party Chair, Tom Ross.

As for those Finances, let us take a look at what the Christine O’Donnell camp has to say about them:

My opponent claims I owe money to the IRS. The IRS says the erroneous tax bill was a “computer error.”

During my previous campaign against then Sen. Joe Biden, I was audited by the IRS – so were some of my family members and a campaign worker. (Let’s chalk that up to a coincidence.) After a long appeals process, this was supposed wrap-up this past spring.

Yet, in March, rather than a letter finalizing the appeals process, I received an erroneous tax lien claiming I had not responded to their previous correspondence. The IRS admitted the letter was a mistake, issued a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien on May 19, 2010 and chalked it up to a “computer error.” The remaining balance was paid in full on May 16, 2010, clearly proving yet again that my political opponent is desperate and because of which he is ignoring the facts and circulating copies of the erroneous lien to reporters and bloggers.

Go here to see a copy of the letter from the IRS:


Tom Ross, the Libertarian, er, GOP State Party Chair of Delaware, has actively been campaigning for Mike Castle, using various sleaze tactics he must have learned from his progressive friends:


“She has debts she hasn’t paid from the last race. She sold her house that was in foreclosure so she could run for Senate. She has a long history of not paying bills. She sued a conservative think tank that dismissed her. She’s a candidate who runs for office that unfortunately lives off the proceeds. You just don’t have a candidate in Christine O’Donnell that is considered credible. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a candidate with such a paper trail,” said state party chair Tom Ross.

Interesting. What is the truth in this? Here is a statement from her Campaign Manager, Jonathon Mosley, from that 2008 campaign:

“In the fast pace of events, I personally took a chance on some expenditures, confident that conservative donors would rush to defeat Senator Biden with donations. Those expenses were my own decision and Christine was concerned when she found out I had gone over budget. Christine’s concerns about my spending was one reason I did not continue with her 2008 campaign. It is wrong to blame Christine for my actions. I was confident that beating Joe Biden would motivate conservative donors nationwide. Christine wanted to be more conservative with her 2008 campaign finances.”

“Meanwhile, as campaign manager for Christine’s 2008 primary campaign, I would have been the highest paid campaign employee in her primary. Yet Christine’s campaign never owed me for my work because we never agreed on a salary. I happily volunteered. Absolutely, I hoped donors in Delaware and nationwide would step up to oppose Senator Biden and the campaign would show appreciation for my work if it were flush with cash. But Christine’s campaign never owed me for my work, because I was never supposed to be paid if funds were not abundant.”

Moseley concluded: “All expenses I submitted have now been completely retired. The campaign no longer owes anything on those expenses.”

Moseley clarified that his statement is his own at his expense, and has not been coordinated with the O’Donnell campaign.

In a desperate bid to stem the tide of the people, the Castle camp has created a sleaze site patterned after the progressives they are (think Factcheck.org in the 2008 campaign) called therealchristine.com. Libertarian, er, GOP state Party Chair Tom Ross is JUST FINE with these tactics:


“Out-of-state interest groups have threatened to spend half a million dollars to fund the disgusting tactics being used by the O’Donnell campaign to make accusations,” said Castle campaign manager Mike Quaranta.

Meanwhile, the Castle campaign has launched therealchristine.com, a site devoted to aggregating negative news about O’Donnell.

Tom Ross, state committee chairman of the Delaware Republican Party, defended the negative nature of the site. “The stories might not be flattering, but they are factual. …Sometimes it is necessary to make sure that the facts get out there,” Ross said.

It is clear, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the GOP Elites not only don’t want the true conservative to win, but are actively trying to undermine her chances and provide de facto funding and resources to the progressive, Mike Castle, no doubt using dollars unwittingly contributed to the Delaware GOP by conservatives who would be horrified to learn how the Libertarian, er GOP State Chair is spending their dollars supporting Lame Duck Enabler, Mike Castle.

Now, why is the GOP establishment so driven to undermine Christine O’Donnell, knowing that Mike Castle will vote for Cap and Trade, knowing he will vote to neutralize the last protection for the American people against progressive enslavement, the Senate Filibuster? Just look at the face of the Delaware GOP, Tom Ross, friend of Libertarian and Liberal alike. An ideologue of the left variety that seeks to empower the RINOS, Libertarians, and Progressives who have infiltrated the republican party and seek to keep conservatives out of their own party.

Just a last note on the electability of Christine O’Donnell. In the latest polling coming out of Delaware, Christine O’Donnell is closing fast on Progressive-GOPer Mike Castle:


Tea Party Express: O’Donnell Trails By 2% Among Likeliest Voters

By Jeremy P. Jacobs

Christine O’Donnell is trailing Rep. Mike Castle by only 2% among voters most likely to turnout in the Delaware Senate GOP primary, according to a Tea Party Express poll.

The poll, obtained by Hotline On Call, found that among GOP voters who indicated they are most likely to vote — or “10s” in polling lingo — Castle leads O’Donnell 43% to 41%.

The Tea Party Express released the top line of the poll on Thursday. That showed O’Donnell trailing Castle by nearly 6%, 43.7% to 38%.

Why did the GOP establishment not only support, but actually actively pursued Mike Castle to run the GOP nomination? The answer is simple- she is a true conservative and THEY are RINOS, Libertarians, and progressives.

Does Christine O’Donnell have a case to make that the GOP elites are, in fact, deliberately trying to undermine her campaign using the most low-handed, and debased methods possible? You have seen Delaware State Party Chair Tom Ross call her unelectable (disproven), owing taxes to the IRS (disproven), and still mired in campaign debt (also disproven). He also stated that Christine O’Donnell couldn’t be elected dog catcher AND endorsed the Castle sleaze site patterned after progressive Factcheck.org. Do you think He and his GOP elites are really assaulting Christine O’Donnell? That is a rhetorical question.

And what does this GOP Establishment hope to gain by preventing Christine O’Donnelll from being the nomination? They get to see their progressive agenda pushed through congress, with Castle’s financiers, the big banks, benefiting from the Obama agenda that will ‘fundamentally transform” America.

If you want to stop this train wreck from happening, go to http://sockittojoe.com and support the only Conservative, Freedom-loving choice in the pivotal Delaware Senate Primary of 2010.


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