Micro FM Radio Stations are a great way to transmit super local news and information, or just share your voice with your local community.  Here is a long video presentation on how you can build your own Micro FM Radio Station:

How to Build a Micropower Radio Station – Free Radio Berkeley.
¨Stephen Dunifer shows you how to build a micropower FM radio transmitter. With it, you may exercise your Constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to use the airwave space that you own as an American.¨

The technical accuracy of this video is not that high , I would not trust it but it is interesting to hear what a LPFM’er (a professional) has to say.

It should be noted that ‘Free Radio Berkeley’ was shut down by the FCC and that decision was backed by the courts.
Stephen Dunifer then went through an extended period of court cases fighting charges from the FCC.
Any person thinking of using a broadcast band transmitter should be aware of the possible legal implications that their actions have.

I honestly do sympathise with Dunifer , I understand his agenda , but the reality is , no one beats the system…..

Before using any radio transmitter device , always check your local regulations and stay on the right side of the law !!!!!

More Ham Radio and Shortwave videos at MyHamShack.


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