Everyone has heard of on demand printing, which has already expanded the authors and, consequently, the ideas being distributed to the rest of the world.  Digital printing has expanded that influx of authors now able to bring their thoughts and ideas to the marketplace like never before.  But still, the idea that the printed book is on its way out any time soon may be contradicted by the growing trend among consumers who see a value in digital books, but, still find some advantages to holding a book in your hand.

Enter the Espresso Book Machine, which could be coming to a local bookshop near you in the future.  Instead of paying upfront cost to buy/print books in the hopes that the inventory will be bought out (not to mention the cost of storage and shelf space), book stores of the future may have some token books on display, a reading area, a coffee shop and, a book ordering center.  You will order the book you want and wait for the Expresso book machine to print your book.  Bookstores will be able to take risks on less popular authors, new authors.  Access to rare books on rare topics will increase.  The future looks bright for the bookstore of the future with an Espresso Book Machine in it:


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