We have already covered the story of the first metal 3D printed gun.  RT recently ran a story about this metal 3D printed gun in which the focus of the story was on the fear by ‘experts’ and ‘governments’ that anyone with a few thousand dollars and an internet can print their own gun.  We are posting this story here as it also echoes the other fears that ‘experts’ and governments may have as technologies like 3D printing keep advancing, the fear of no longer being able to easily control people and markets.  Enjoy this report, and think about the unspoken focus of this story, the overall fear of the rise of Liberty Technologies:

Published on Nov 28, 2013

Experts now say that anyone who has a couple of thousand dollars for a 3D printer and an internet connection can make a 3D gun, which will be invisible to X-ray machines and metal detectors. In the U.S., critics of the technology are warning it has reached a dangerous point, with federal law banning undetectable firearms set to expire in less than two weeks. RT’s Marina Portnaya found out what it takes to print a gun


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