YOU DID WHAT? Fedex Delivers Marijuana, TO WRONG HOUSE

William Collier

Getting 7 pounds of marijuana is bad enough, but having Fedex tell the drug dealers where your house is so they can come hunting it down, that’s BAD NEWS.

This actually happened to a woman in Plymouth, Massachussetts, a state where obtaining guns to protect yourself is not easy thanks to gun control.

Having turned the dope in to the police, the woman was confronted, a few hours later, by a drug dealer on her doorstep demanding the package. She slammed the door shut and bolted the lock, and called the police, but this nightmare has not ended.

Although an arrest of one guy has been made, she saw three in total, and now fears retribution.

At $300 per ounce, $4800 per pound, the marijuana she turned in to police was worth over $33,000, and that’s more than enough to provoke retaliation from a drug dealer.

The victim, Maryangela Tobin, is suing Fedex who refuse to answer reporter’s questions on the basis that “we do not talk about pending lawsuits.”

How about the much broader question- is it Fedex policy to make people hunt down their own packages when they are delivered to the wrong address? Is it Fedex policy to ship marijuana?

America wants to know!


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