Was Fox News irresponsible to put Geraldo Rivera on for two hours and at least at the beginning of it possibly incite leftist loons to physically attack Sarah Palin?  His two hours have much more to go. Rivera and his guests were complaining that rhetoric from Sarah Palin and the Tea Party may have incited Jared Loughner, Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s assailiant.  Rivera is guilty of inciting strife in our nation, committing the same acts he is accusing others of. 

 If he really believes rhetoric causes violence, why does he choose rhetoric to attack Sarah Palin in connection with this shooting?  Rivera is not being objective or unbiased, but is possibly stirring up some unbalanced loon to come after Palin.  Sarah Palin has specifically spoken out against violence and has already spoken out on this isssue, yet instead of inviting Palin on to try to bring peace and calm to our country, Rivera stirs up more strife.  It has already been established that Jared Loughner is a crazed left-wing nut job. 

He has made many public statements against Tea Party positions, so why does Rivera blame the Tea Party as well as Sarah Palin.?  Why doesn’t he blame leftist rhetoric?  Afterall, Congresswoman Gifford is a conservative, blue dog democrat.   The Freedomist believes in free speech for both left and right.   It was just a few years ago that we emptied many of the rooms in our mental institutions.  Perhaps there are more people who should be involuntarily hospitalized until they are better.  Perhaps Geraldo should consider these now-free ‘unbalanced’ people before he suggests Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement are to blame for a fatal shooting event perpetrated by one of his own.


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Late Saturday night, Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera, discussing the Arizona Safeway shooting that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford injured and six others dead with Tea Party 365 co-founder David Webb, “went there” by invoking former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Palin’s name has been linked to reports on Saturday’s shooting thanks, in part, to the “crosshair” imagery used in her so-called “Hit List” of 20 politicians, previously posted on website “Take Back the 20.”

“However unfair the link is,” said Rivera, “I think that this event affects Sarah Palin’s at least short term political future.” He then offered his prediction that, tomorrow, Palin’s name will (still) be tied to the media’s flurry of reports on the shooting, facing “criticism and scrutiny” for a perceived link to alleged gunman Jared Loughner.



The Media & The Shooter | RedState

I saw this last night – Geraldo should really go to work for NPR….. Fox News gives Leftist, Geraldo Rivera, two hour platform to stir up hate against Palin during Arizona Shooting coverage

Even Liberal Glynnis MacNicol Effectively Concedes that Her

Geraldo (Fox)…Wow, I could not believe his determination to link Sarah to the shooting by this nut; he stated that Sarah will be hampered politically by this in the short term–that she will be all over the news tomorrow; He had a report on the Tea Party as well “And here we go again in Arizona, as people with political agendas unleash their attacks even before the victims of this senseless shooting have been buried. I find it depressing beyond belief.
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Fox’s Geraldo On Arizona Shooting: “This Event Effects Sarah

Fox’s Geraldo On Arizona Shooting: “This Event Effects Sarah Palin’s Political … Mediaite.com “However unfair the link is,” said Rivera, “I think that this event affects Sarah Palin’s at least short term political

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