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The Little Dog Syndrome- Progressive Reality Exposed

William R Collier Jr

Do you hear that yipping?  Do you walk by a neighbor’s yard and witness the rabid determination of those little dogs that tear at you and threaten you with a great menace from behind a locked gate?  If so, then you will understand what I have to say about the little progressive dog now yipping incessantly at the Freedomists as we walk past their protected yard.

It seems lately that we have been bombarded with news that people who have a Christian/Biblical worldview find to be offensive. But, I want to remind you of this; Freedom, as God provides it and defines it, as our Founders DISCOVERED IT, is the BIG DOG that will one day give a well deserved thrashing to the Progressive ankle biters.

I recently listened to an old tape which contained a sermon snippet about a Feist dog, called “Watch them Dogs“.

progressive reality exposed fesit dog

The Feist dog always ran to the gate when a man with a Doberman walked by.

Now a Feist dog is small but they often bark for no reason, and this dog, knowing the gate was locked, would tear at the Doberman like he was going to fight him. The Doberman would just keep strutting and ignore the little dog.

But one day, the owner of the Feist forgot to lock the gate. The Doberman came by, the Feist tore down the steps, and, bless God, the gate swung wide open.

Of course the Doberman schooled that Feist on what it means to get a good thrashing, and the little Feist, relieved to get away alive, went up on the porch and said, “who left that gate unlocked?”

That’s what the Progressive are, little Feist dogs.  We are the Doberman, the Big Dogs of Freedom. And the progressives have a whole host of gate keepers who make sure that gate stays locked.  We keep walking past, putting up with the barking nuisance, because the gate is locked.

One day, I don’t know when, that gate is going to be unlocked. That little Feist isn’t going to have his Party Press playing referee, he won’t have his academic friends defending him and keeping that gate locked, and on that day, when the sleeping giant of the Christian faithful in this Land wakes up and struts past his yard, sure of themselves, unwilling to even argue about their “right” to exist and be an influence in this land, the gate is going to come open.

At that moment the Feist, the progressive harpy crowd, is going to look up and realize that, from the other side of the gate, in front of us, we are spiritually far mightier than they ever imagined, and they are helpless and hopeless.

For now, all we see in the news are these little progressive dogs trying to take down our freedom once and for all. Freedom News Journal- Read More

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