What did we learn about our nation and the people that lead it through the Zimmerman/Martin trial?  Paul Gordon Collier takes an indepth look and posits a theory about the trial, how it became a major news story, and how it still affects the nation going forward.

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The Zimmerman Narrative- Marketing Hate for the Good of the Whol

Introduction and Caveats:

Before I begin my report, I want to make clear a couple of points going forward- the fact that a 17 year old young man died is a tragedy. The young man will never have a chance to fully develop as a man. But the death of a 17 year old man does not require that someone be charged or found guilty of that death unless the evidence supports such a charge and a conviction. I will be writing about who Trayvon Martin really was, but not about who he could have become. I write about who he was not to denigrate this young man, but to show how the progressives manipulated the facts to advance an agenda that was far beyond justice for Trayvon.

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