From the awesome rumor mill, is Google building flying cars?  Someone thinks they are, and they are on the trail:

Google is Building Flying Cars

A flying car powered by batteries and able to park anywhere a car parks.

It would be battery powered. But in addition, it is designed to lift straight up like a helicopter — so no need for a runway. Then, as the patent notes, the collection of rotors on top work with two facing backward to allow it to hover for a bit before cruising off to that grocery store.

We are also hearing from sources that Google is involved, but in what capacity is unclear. However, Zee.Aero’s offices are near Shoreline Lake in Mountain View,… Shoreline Lake is also where you’ll find the sprawling Googleplex — and not far from there, Google X, the super-secret facility that gave rise to self driving cars, Internet balloons and Google Glass. Sebastian Thrun, who helped start Google X and led the driverless car effort, has said he sees the majority of people using flying cars by 2040.

Fore More Details Please Listen the Video.


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