The New York Sun had an interesting take on the GOP jobs bill that most media outlets, even “new media”, are not addressing at all.  What is the underlying issue behind America’s faultering economy?  What is the devil underneath the surface that is causing American jobs to go overseas?  What is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that NO ONE sees, the one that is tearing up American enterprise and building up Chinese economic war machines with all their yuen-subsidized guns pointed RIGHT at Wall Street (maybe they’ll miss and hit OCCUPY WALL STREET)?

The answer of course, and I know you all know this, is the weak dollar.  And why is the dollar so weak?  Well….read on my friend..read on..


The Hole in the GOP Jobs Plan

Editorial of The New York Sun | October 14, 2011


It’s encouraging to see the Republicans put forth a jobs bill, but — confound it — the measure as outlined by Senators Portman, DeMint, Paul, Jordan, and McCain is missing an essential element. This is sound money, the lack of which is emerging as a central cause of America’s current travail. The failure of the GOP jobs bill to address this point is all the more troubling, because leaders like Messr. DeMint and Dr. Paul understand so clearly the monetary issue, as they made clear when, earlier this year, they introduced a bill known as the Sound Money Promotion Act, which this newspaper was the first to endorse.



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