The use of Halloween décor to help a retail store present a new and compelling message to customers is a new trend in retail management. A real estate attorney can help in the legal aspects of this arrangement to help retailers in specific retail management programs. These kinds of Halloween décor stores need special kinds of lease contracts, which only an experienced real estate attorney can devise.

Pop-up stores are one important innovation in retail management that takes advantage of vacancies in store space that is haunting department store owners. These pop-up stores are temporary in nature and can fill gaps in retail vacancies so common in department store owners. They are used to test new markets or new concepts in product promotion and also to increase the customer loyalty for certain brands. An example of this is the Toys "R" Us, which was used extensively in last year holidays.

Pop-up stores are temporary stores. These stores are allowed by department store owners for as long as they fulfill certain requirements. The nature of these stores greatly simplifies the negotiation between the department store owners and the store lessees. The landlord and real estate attorney like this because it is based on performance rather than on time. If there is a breach of the agreement, the landlord may easily evict the pop-up store.

One example of this is the Halloween Store, which was opened as a carefully planned pop-up store in the holiday season. In designing this pop-up store, careful steps were made to ensure that the signage for the store did not end up as an issue in the store management. The use of branding was often done by retailers in their establishment of pop-up stores. Through these pop-up stores, they want customers to develop store loyalty by continuous patronage. The retailers of these pop-up stores want to continue operating these stores even after the holidays and therefore they are aiming for long term renting of the place. This will call for a review of the signage clause embedded in retail lease contracts.

Pop-up stores are located in vacant places, therefore, the store owner should find out how long the space has been vacant. Many pop-up stores are leased in the property on a "as is" basis. Therefore, care should be taken that this will jibe with the licenses and permits to operate within the premises. Unless this is ensured, the store owner may find out, after substantial investment in merchandise and employee training, that the premises cannot be used as intended. This is because of numerous clauses in the contract that limits the use of the premises to certain areas only. These clauses should be carefully reviewed that it does not conflict with what the leaser intends to use the premises for and that it does not conflict with all local ordinances.

Planning ahead is the key to the successful management of a pop-up store. Planning ahead makes it possible for the tenant and a real estate attorney to prepare the lease for the property for a longer term if that is what he wishes. He should make arrangements to stay in the space while a longer term lease is being negotiated. It is not economically feasible for a tenant to keep a long term possession of a store under a license agreement. It is always best to negotiate for a formal lease agreement if the tenant wishes to stay beyond the short term lease of a pop-up store establishment.

Always consult a real estate attorney who has an extensive experience in the structuring of a license agreement and the leasing of store space both for the landlords and the tenants. Find out their recommendations as they write these in their blogs and investigate whether these recommendations are suitable to your situation.

Source by Jessu Likili


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