How Long Before The Black Community Gets Off The Progressive Plantation?-  By William R. Collier Jr.

Herman Cain’s comments about the Black community being brainwashed by the liberal elite has sparked “outrage” by leftist black commentators who have even gone so far as to call him “racist.”

The plain truth is that Black unemployment is over 18 percent and most of the socio-economic indicators for the Black community are extremely negative. While it can, and must, be said that racism continues to hinder individuals for the Black community, it is also true that the Black community itself is large enough and has enough inherent human potential to become self-sustaining.

As to the racism issue, things are not as bad as they once were, but there truly is a lot of racism in people’s hearts, and increasingly we are seeing three kinds of racism emerge.

First, there is the typical racial superiority where primarily white people think they are superior to others.

Second, there is racial separatism where people from all of the racial groups think they should not “mix” with other groups.

Finally, there is racialism where people, primarily from the Black community, think that people of another race (mostly white) are inherently evil and racist and incapable of change.

These forms of racism are self-perpetuating. Every time a Black person experiences a white racist, for instance, their own racialism is reinforced against ALL white people. Every time a white person confronts racialism against them by a Black person, they are tempted to embrace racism, at least as a self-defense measure.

There is no legitimate excuse for racial supremacy, racial separatism, or racialism at all: we should deal with people solely on the basis of the content of their character. In God’s eyes there is NO such thing as “race.” People can have diverse cultures and ethnic identities, but these differences cannot be the basis of division against other people.

That all being said, however, the Black community has been sold the liberal lie that its economic and cultural existence depends on eliminating racism, while, of course, denying the negative impact of racialism. While it may indeed be more difficult for a lone individual to overcome racism in all of its forms, it is much easier for groups of individuals, linking arms, to overcome racism together by, first, mutually supporting one another.

When I lived in a virtually all-Black community I dealt with racialism that was directed at me. I was told “your ancestors owned my ancestors” as if I had to pay for their sins. The irony is that my father’s family on his father’s side were German immigrants in the 18th century who were likely “indentured servants”, white slaves!

My reaction to this was to gather a group of people from all the “races” who were determined to reject all forms of racism. Because the group was centered on a Tae Kwon Do class we called ourselves the Tae Kwon Do Elite.

I paid a price for my rejection of racism: I was jumped by three white guys because I had a black girlfriend and to this day have pain where an accidental womb to my right index finger was re-injured.

Eventually, because I was part of a group that was willing and able to defend its members, I was not impacted directly by any racism. Racism did not go away, it just didn’t control my life and I refused to define myself on the basis of race one way or another.

The Black community is being asked by liberals to be defined by white racism, to embrace racialism, and to wait around for the government to “fix” the problem through political correctness, wealth redistribution schemes, and entitlement programs. This is, plain and simple, brain-washing, and it is reinforced by constant peer pressure, which starts with the so-called “leaders” of the Black community (whom some have likened to privileged house slaves on the liberal plantation), and which attacks anyone in that community who denies the liberal orthodoxy.

The shrill attacks by the liberal elites against Herman Cain for daring, as a Black man, to carry the banner of conservatism are absolute proof that what he is saying is true. Calling him a racist is racialism, the assumption that anyone who does not believe in the liberal orthodoxy is therefore racist. While Cain is himself a Black man, the fact that he is not a liberal causes the liberal elites who rule the Black community absolutely to question his very identity as a Black man!

The Black community has two choices- stay on the path of liberalism and victimhood to get off of the progressive plantation or embrace and agenda of self-sustainability internally that rejects all forms of racism, either against itself or against others.


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