With a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of effort, you can create web sites for your home based business. While site creation isn't exactly brain surgery, it will take research and planning to create web sites that look professional.

The following five steps guide you through the basics of how to create web sites for your home based business.

Step One: Register a Domain Name

Before you can create web sites, you need to decide on and register one or more domain names. The domain names you choose should reflect your home based business. They should also be original and not infringe upon any trademark names or phrases. Once you have settled on a good name, it may be a good idea to have the name or names you plan on using to create web sites trademarked. The costs for this will vary, as will the costs for actual domain name registration.

Step Two: Select a Web Host

The second step in site creation involves choosing a web host. You have two basic choices; you can use a virtual web host to create web sites or you can use a dedicated hosting service. The costs and benefits of each will vary depending on the company you choose to work with, but in most cases you pay more for dedicated services because they offer the best in benefits.

Step Three: Design Your Web Site

When you create web sites for your home based business, step three is of utmost importance. The design of your web site will be what keeps a visitor interested and coming back for more. You want something that is both professional and representative of your home based business.

It should also be noted that to create web sites that allow for credit card purchases, you will need to sign up with a credit card merchant or processing service. If you aren't familiar with the software needed or the HTML code that must be used for this part of the site creation process, you can purchase a site builder or hire someone else to do the design work for you.

Step Four: Launch Your Web Sites

After you create web sites for your home based business, you need to launch and test them to make sure they are working properly. The steps you need to follow to launch your sites will depend on your web host. In most cases, this part of the site creation process is relatively easy.

Step Five: Test Your Web Sites

It is never a good idea to create web sites and assume they work properly as planned. You must test each and every one of the web sites you built to represent your home based business. Visit every page and read over every word. If you find any mistakes, you need to fix them in this part of the site creation process. Online users can become easily frustrated, and may not ever come back if there are too many problems.

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