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ImmunotherapyUsing-the-Body-To-Fight-CancerWORLD- The battle to cure cancer has taken a new turn as scientists in both the US and Italy have tested a new therapy regimen that essentially teaches the body how to cure itself by killing cancer cells, and that without chemoetherapy or radiation. In fact, in the US 94% of leukemia patients who were given months to live….went into remission. The results of these major studies were announced at the American Association for the Advancement of Science at their recent meeting in Washington, DC.

The procedure in the US involved patients suffering acute lymphoblastic leukemia who had 2-5 months to live and who had seen no success with other treatments. Blood was drawn and the white blood cells, T-cells, were then modified to make them recognize cancer cells and attack them These were then re-introduced into the patient’s blood and the results were remarkable, with 94% of patients going into full remission.

The T-cells are genetically modified to target cancer cells, rendering the body immune to the spread of the cancer. For this reason the treatment is called “Immuno Therapy” and it is fast becoming a major pillar of cancer treatment. As technology allow for faster and cheaper ways to genetically modify cells, the treatment promises to become extremely affordable.

In the Italian study, patients whose lymphoblastic leukemia was already in remission by other means were similarly treated and the result was that in none of their cases did the cancer return.

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