Do you favor the IRS enforcing Obamacare?  Do you feel comfortable allowing thousands of unscreened ‘adminstrators’ to have access to your private healthcare records as they soon will if Obamacare is fully implemented?  Perhaps this exclusive breaking story will change your mind.


Was this campaign undermined, in part, by a rogue IRS operative?
Was this campaign undermined, in part, by a rogue IRS operative?

How One Rogue Operative of the IRS used their Position to try to derail a Political Candidate

William Collier

An operative inside the IRS tried to impede a fair and free election during the 2010 Delaware Senate Election.

The tax records a Senate Candidate in Delaware (Christine O’Donnell) filed with the IRS and Delaware’s tax department were illegally accessed and then illegally used and manipulated by political operatives in the state, according to reports. What is more, a false lien was created by an operative in the IRS, according to reports, and information was then leaked to a fawning media to discredit a political candidate.
The IRS initially deemed the incident a mistake caused by a computer glitch, but has since notified the victim that an illegal breach and misuse of her tax records took place.

An illegal tax lien on a property not owned by the victim was placed by operatives inside the IRS to make it look as if the candidate was guilty of tax evasion when in fact there was no reason to place such a lien on a property the candidate did not even own (and even if she did own it, there was no justification of a lien in the first place).

This is a blatant circumvention, a violation, of democracy and the civil rights both of the candidate and of the voters who would potentially have been misled by such lies coming from allegedly trusted public, a-political entities.

We now have confidential information on two breaking developments-

First, that the search for the culprit behind the deed is narrowing and one name is emerging in that search…but we are waiting for further confirmation. No doubt that person KNOWS who they are and we recommend that they just come clean.

Second, we know that efforts to cover up the digital fingerprints of both the breach of records and the illegal placing of a false “lien” on a home not oned by the candidate have been undertaken. While these efforts are underway, efforts to track the digital fingerprints are also underway and we predict that, like the original “operation”, the coverup will fail.

Those who know details, no matter your political views, should come forward to avoid being caught in the snare of this investigation.

It is more likely than not that this abuse of power by unelected state and Federal officials with their own axe to grind will be uncovered. Investigators, including private investigators with inside information, are likely to uncover the person or persons and their motives.

This story is not a vindication of an election campaign that did not succeed; it is a showcase of the abuse of power by apparatchiks who alone bear responsibility for this miscarriage of justice.  It goes also to the heart of the argument against allowing the IRS to be the enforcers of Obamacare, of allowing a Federal Government entitry to have full and unadultered access to our healthcare records.  Wherever human beings are involved, corruption is always a distinct possibility.

In this story, a ‘rogue’ IRS operative appears to have used their position of public trust to willfully and with malice damage a citizen of these United States who was running for public office.  In the scenarious to come, should the IRS become the enforcer of Obamacare, and should the Obamacare army of unelected and unscreened ‘administrators’ gain access to our personal healthcare records, more overt violations of our individual liberties guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights will surely follow.

That heads will roll is inevitable, and we will do our part to ensure two things: that there is neither a cover-up nor a a persecution against the innocent who, while opposing an election campaign, had nothing to do with what appears to be a cabal of a few unelected officials in DC and Wilmington.

Stay tuned…..


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