Israel 1967 Borders

israel 1967 borders

President Obama’s speech on the Middle East yesterday was dominated by his call on Israel to return to 1967 borders.  What exactly do 1967 borders mean to the people of Israel, and what does it say about a President who would claim to speak for America when he says “The United States believes Israel should return to 1967 border”.

If you look at the map on the left, you will see that a Palestinian State that includes all of the West Bank, returning to 1967 borders as Obama has called on Israel to do, will place Israel in an untenable position.  It will allow the Arab and Palestinian enemies of Israel, who regularly call on the death of Israel, to split the nation in two, all but sealing the fate of Israel’s northern cities, thereby weakening the south to defend itself from the growing Egyptian and Jordanian threats.

To put things in perspective, take a look at what a 12 mile corridor really looks like in America.  Here is a 12 mile corridor that features Washington, DC in the center.  Imagine if the Western edge was water and the Eastern edge was home to Iran, who regularly calls for the death of America and refers to us as “The Great Satan”:

Washington DC 12 mile corridor

President Obama has de facto declared himself an enemy of Israel and an ally with such groups as Hamas, Hezbollah, and even Iran, all of which are committed to a ONE STATE solution, one that comes about from another Jewish Holocaust.


read more on Obama’s betrayal of Israel:


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