Willia R Collier Jr.- On All Fronts Israel Faces Pan-Islamic Aggression– Even as the Israeli left gears up to demand hand-outs while opposing a strong defense against the Pan-Islamic aggression being aimed at Israel, the Prime Minister wants to prepare for a war for Israel's survival.

The main threat is coming from Iran, both in the form of its nuclear ambitions and its constant support for Pan-Islamic aggression through the Arab occupiers of Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and Gaza. These Arab occupiers want to forge another Pan-Islamic state on the carcass of a dismembered and shrunken Israel, stealing the lands of the Jews as they often do of their neighbors, including Egypt, Kurdistan, Lebanon, and Assyria.

Israeli preparations for war include, as we have already noted, possible sub-launched missile attacks, land-born missile attacks, and, potentially, material support for anti-regime forces in Iran. The Israeli cabinet, after a wrangling debate, authorized the use of force, including ground operations, against pan-Islamic rocket and mortar attacks emanating from Gaza. Recently, an Israeli man was killed in a rocket attacks while dozens of rockets have damaged property and caused minor injuries throughout the area around Gaza.

Meanwhile, as Jewish citizens seek to build homes on their own land, the Obama Administratoin, continuing to demonstrate its sympathies with the an-Islamic forces, railed against Israel calling new building in so-called "occupied" territory "unproductive". (NOTE: Judea and Samaria are considered to be "occupied" by Jews, when in fact the Arabs are the occupiers.)

The Obama Administration is seeking to suppress any Israeli counter-strike against Iran, despite Iran's efforts to become a nuclear power and despite its promises to "wipe Israel off the map." It is apparent that President Obama secretly harbors a deep-seated hatred of Israel and the Jewish people that he is afraid, if discovered, will result in a loss of support by the Jewish community who continue, despite the anti-Semitic nature of the Democrat Party, to support Democrats.

All signs have been pointing to a potential Israeli first strike, however the division of the Israeli polity by their leftist elements who are more concerned with hand-outs and who are willing to surrender Judea and Samaria in a bid to win peace (the "land for peace" agenda), is undermining the Government's efforts. Leftists are opposed to any pre-emptive strike fearing further retaliation by their Arab neighbors.
Even so, it is considered highly possible that the Israeli government which, despite the loud left, enjoy a majority support, will feel compelled to strike at Iran before it is too late.

Rumors abound that the US and the UK are pondering military action as well, however the latent anti-Semitism of the US President makes this highly improbable.


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