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It is TIME For A “Freedom Uprising” In America!- Bill Collier, Freedomist

The battle for our country’s future is being fought in the streets, but the forces for freedom are being out-spent and out-fought by the Progressives who have the unions, big money from men like George Soros, and journolist media led by the likes of Michael Moore. Bloggers and new media providers can inspire and educate people to form their own local “Freedom Corps” made up of people who attend street events (protests, counter protests, demonstrations, rallies) and people who donate to help support those who go to these events.


NOTE- If you own a blog or website and are interested in this idea, drop me a line at and let me know. If I get more than a dozen responses, I will set up a phone conference, share my ideas, hear YOUR ideas, and between us, we can all decide what to do next. If I don’t get more than a dozen responses, I’ll take that as a sign that “our side” is just NOT yet ready to work together.


WE ARE BEING BEATEN ON THE STREETS- In Wisconsin, the GOP stands to lose their recent gains because the Progressives are on the streets and the airwaves with their lies and smears against the governor and the GOP in general. In New York, Progressives and their Pan-Islamic allies are banging the drums for multiculturalism gone amok over legitimate inquiries by Representative Steve King over the emergence of Pan-Islam in America.

Of course the journolist media uses images of large crowds of these paid protestors to paint a picture as if those who are not with the protestors are in the majority.

The Progressives have a central command structure, lots of money, control over the journolist media, and armies of mindless drones who will do and say whatever their paymasters want them to do and say.

NO COMPLAINING WILL HELP US- We can talk about how we think they have some unfair advantages, how they use taxpayer dollars or how they use discrimination to gain control over institutions but none of that is going to help us.

In the end, we need to find a way to marshal superior numbers and more effectively reach out to the public with our message, a message which must be truthful, simple, direct, and repeated often.

What can we do as information providers, writers, bloggers, and new media professionals?

We have the power of instigating ideas into becoming a reality.

This means that if we all create a picture of a possible future, where our side outflanks the opposition on the streets and in the LOCAL media, that activists will pick up those ideas and use them.

This is the way Tea Parties got started.

A few individuals saw Rick Santelli, decided he had the right idea, and started to make noise about it.

I was on some of those conference calls and one of the things we talked about was the need for a nationwide effort that was not controlled from the center. We beat the drum, using our blogs or networks (I promoted things via Freedomist and through Team Sarah), and where possible we lent our resources to help (we own and which we used to simply provide information.)

We need to go beyond the Tea Parties to create locally controlled groups of people who will hit the streets when the opposition is hitting the streets, and we need to encourage them to cooperate and coordinate when major nationwide efforts are needed.

On April 4th the Progressives plan something like a “day of rage” for Government Unions. We need bigger numbers to show up and make a visible showing for the People.

These Progressive robots who go out and rally for socialism, under some other disguise, have the advantage of being able to get paid to protest.

Our side needs to encourage employers to let people participate without losing pay, we need to encourage people who can’t attend to donate a little money to help pay for buses, food, supplies to help those who can attend these events.

WE MUST ASSUME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR INSTIGATING NEW IDEAS- In short, we need to provide ideas and a blueprint, write about them, link to each other, and even coordinate together to hold phone conferences where we can talk about ideas for organizing and invite would-be organizers to attend. Let them set up their own groups and run with the idea, we can simply fade into the background, having done our job.

ONE MAIN IDEA, ONE AGREED UPON NAME- We need a single name for this, and I don’t think “Tea Parties” is the name. Tea Parties will likely sponsor it, and organize it, but this needs its own name.

I propose the name “Freedom Corps” as the name for these local groups of 100-200 participants (people who GO to events) and at least another 200-300 “supporters”, people who pledge to pitch in $10-$50 per event to help offset any costs for buses, lodging, food, and etc. to support the participants.

Of course, larger scale organizing will naturally occur as local groups exchange ideas, coordinate, and decide on a shared structure to plan and organize large scale events. This will continue upwards until a national network of sorts is in place, rising from below (not imposed from above).

OUR ROLE IS TO INSTIGATE AND BACK OFF- Our role, as writers and new media providers, is not so much to organize these groups as to bang the drums on their need and provide ideas for what they should do and how local people might organize themselves to form such groups. If people surf the web and see the freedom corps idea referred to over and over again, they will want to participate.

WE CAN ALL SHARE THE BURDEN- Between us, we can all pitch in on the information side. Each of us might take a part of the country and host an information page where people in those parts can input meeting information or contact information. A shared domain could be used to host a map which you click on to find local information. When people click on an area, it takes them to a page hosted by one of us, which has a way for people to see current information and input new information.

We could also create a twitter group and a hashtag to share information, a facebook page and group, and yahoo groups for mailing lists by region so people can talk to people in their area. This could also be shared work with each of us taking charge of groups or being “on duty” to man the main twitter account to ensure that information is flowing 24-7 during an event (this means that all participants have access to that account.)

NO “ORGANIZATION” NEEDED!- None of this requires an organization, none of us “own” it, and any donations would be made to LOCAL groups who could then share their resources if they join with other local groups to form regional or state networks.

Reagan once said that if you want to get things done, don’t take credit for things. Most of the people who beat the drum and initially pushed the idea for Tea Parties are unknown. It was never intended for it to be otherwise.

WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN- If we can encourage people and inspire them, and if we can motivate them and even educate them, and then disappear, that is all fine and well. Our job is not to organize and lead, per se, but, rather, to beat the drum, facilitate things, and then let the participants take over and do their thing.

If people see all of the writers, news suites, and blogs that are pro-Freedom all writing and talking about the SAME BASIC IDEA, then they will feel more confident that it may work and want to participate in it.

DON’T FRUSTRATE THE PEOPLE!- On the other hand, if people see all these blogs, web pages, and news sites all touting THEIR OWN idea, that they want to own, all with different approaches, many of which are contradictory, then they will become bogged down, confused, and they will lose confidence.

ONE VOICE ON A LIMITED SCALE- We need to start finding ways, at least on a limited scale, to speak with ONE VOICE, or the opposition will beat us EVERY TIME. If we cannot do amongst ourselves what we want our elected leaders to do, then what right do we have to demand of them that which we refuse to do ourselves?

ARE WE READY TO WORK TOGETHER? If you own a blog or website and are interested in this idea, drop me a line at and let me know. If I get more than a dozen responses, I will set up a phone conference, share my ideas, hear YOUR ideas, and between us, we can all decide what to do next. If I don’t get more than a dozen responses, I’ll take that as a sign that “our side” is just NOT yet ready to work together.

Bill Collier


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