Legion, THY NAME is “Progressive”

Summary- Is there a global Progressive agenda to eliminate YOUR freedom? Are there Progressive plans, global plans, that unite such disparate Progressive elements as those in America, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and China? Do Progressives have more loyalty to their global agenda or their own nations?

When Jesus Christ confronted a possessed man, on one occasion, the demons possessing the man said, “we are legion” because there were MANY of them. As we confront a global phenomenon of oppression, bloodshed, and tyranny, we begin to see that a veritable legion of bad actors, of seemingly different stripes, are possessing the body politic of nations all over the globe.

This legion has a name, a name that means “the few rule the many in progressive stages because the many are not as enlightened as the few.” The NAME of that legion is “Progresivism.”

In the Muslim world, Progressivism takes the form of Pan-Islamic Jihad, a bid to create a caliphate of the rule of a few enlightened leaders, minus private property, private rights, or even the right to life (only the lives that are important to the new “state” would be worth saving).

These pan-Islamic Progressives may indeed seem much different than, say, the atheist Progressives of China or the pseudo-“Christian” Progressives of America, but they share the vision of a multination super-state without private property, private rights, or the right to life that is run by a few enlightened rulers.

Progressive regimes, and Progressives in America, are taking a similar approach to any dissent from their party line- silence the opposition by all possible means. The Progressive war on freedom is not new, but what is new is that the opposition to Progressivism around the world is truly growing, day by day, week by week, and the Progressive elites are beginning to see the writing on the wall that could spell their doom.

Progressives are not taking the upsurge in opposition to their tax-and-borrow ways, their cronyism, their “nudging” by regulatory fiat, and their wholesale attempts to take control over information content and distribution, lying down. They are, in fact, fighting back in an attempt to stop the forward march of unhindered freedom for the People, often by intoning the terms and language of liberty.

In America, the Progressive war machine is ramping up, with money from special trusts and foundations owned by billionaire sponsors of the Progressive movement, to use Union thugs, journolist smear merchants, and corrupt courts as a means of preventing the People’s will from being carried out, creating chaos on the streets and using such a “crisis” to excuse their authoritarian “remedies”, and unleashing smear campaign on anyone who speaks out against them. The objective of the American Progressives is to institute the kind of Progressive state the Chinese Progressives have created, complete with police powers and censorship to make their political party, the Democrat Party, the sole party in power.

The Progressives don’t just like to win an election, they want to destory any voice that dares rise up against them. When Christine O’Donnel dared shale up the Progressive nest in the Delaware GOP, defeating Progressive Mike Castle, it was not enough to use smars and lies to defeat her in the general election, the Progressive war machine is STILL trying to bring her down, trying to make it so that she cannot EVER pose a similar threat again. This is how Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are treated on the national scale, and this is why Progressives are waging war on Glenn Beck, trying to force advertisers to pull their ads!

Make no mistake, the Progressive in America do not believe in the kind of Freedom most Americans embrace. While most Americans see liberty as the opportunity to pursue godliness, self-reliance, and self-determination, the Progressive use the world liberty as a cover for plain old negative self-indulgence at society’s expense, as in the case of so-called “gay marriage” or “no-fault divorce.” While most Americans see Security in terms of protecting and preserving their rights, their persons, and their property from all threats of all kinds, Progressive peddle a “security” based on hand-outs and dependence on government while they regard human life only in relation to its value to the state.

Progressivism and freedom are not at all compatible. Either Freedomists triumph and remove the bane of Progressivism from our communities, institutions, and governments or Progressives will snuff out the last embers of Freedom based on Liberty and Security which once inspired the whole nation.

Elsewhere, it is the same story. Progressives have already made Cuba a backwater of poverty, oppression, and despair. Progressive in Venezuela have rolled back the clock to a time of petty dictators and military juntas in a South American nation that was once proud of its standards of freedom and democracy.

In the Middle East and north Africa, Progressives are essentially at war with each other, which is providing an opening for some who want freedom from all forms of Progressive tyranny, whether that is the tyranny of a Mubarak or the tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood.

With the aid of American Progressives, from BOTH parties, the Chinese Progressives have been able to convince many in America that giving China access to our markets is good because it will promote freedom and democracy. The markets were opened and now the Chinese Progressives are buying US debt, created by American Progressives, and they may even be funding the American Progressives, helping them to win elections based on fraud and lies.

Despite years of giving the Chinese a blank check to decimate US industries, through dumping, and allowing them to decimate our currency, the Chinese are NOT more free. While all that pseudo-capitalism has spurred some in China to yearn for more freedom, even that spark of liberation from the chains of Chinese Progressivism is being snuffed out as new crackdowns are occurring, crackdowns that are leaving more innocent civilians dead than have been killed in Libya!

Progressives may in fact be uniting more than we know, planning a global Progressive regimen through the agency of such entities as the UN, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, and other such entities. Whether the flavor of the day is “global terrorism”, “global financial crisis”, or “global climate change”, the “remedy” is always more government, less freedom, and more power to Progressives everywhere.

Progressives in America are a fifth column of quisling operatives who actively seek a future in which this nation, America, is no more than a “province” of the global progressive super-state they all talk so much about!

Progressives the world over are loyal, first and foremost, to their shared vision of a world united under a system that does not include private rights, private property, or the inherent value of human life. In the Progressive utopia, collective bargaining “rights”, as regulated by the state, matter more than individual rights, private property becomes only collective property, and human life only has value if it is in the interest of the state to protect that life, in other words only if that life is “worth it” to the state.

The Progressive war on freedom is a global war, and the players include billionaire financiers, governments, the journolist media, and multinational corporations run by and for Progressives. Progressivism is a clear and present danger to freedom wherever and however it rears its ugly head.

People are waking up, all over the world, and Progressivism is on the defensive, no longer enjoying a monopoly over information content and distribution, no longer enjoying an uncritical acceptance of their lies and empty promises, and no longer able to run from their track record of misery dipped in sorrow, smothered in oppression and poverty. For this reason, the Progressive war machine has woken up and, like Qhadafi’s mad dash to destroy his enemies before the no-fly zone could be implemented, Progressives are trying to put the genie of freedomism back into the bottle before it is too late, before the People can put up a “no fly zone” of their own against Progressives and their institutions of oppression, including the journolist media, corrupt courts, academia, the unions, billionaire trusts and foundations, and multinational corporations.

The question is not “will the Progressives fail”, the real question is, “how many people will be hurt by the Progressive BEFORE they can be defeated?”


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