There are a number of conservatives who are calling on civility in our political discourse.  These are the ones, and my Freedomist-minded friends know who I am speaking about (we all have these friends), who say things like “yeah, well, conservatives do that too”, and “we need to restore civility and lead by example”, or, and perhaps my favorite, “you get more flies with honey”.

These well-intended conservatives are wrong.  The reason they are wrong is this-


This is not at all a debate about whether government should have a greater role or a less significant role in managing the lives of its people.  It’s not a debate over economic models, even.  It’s a fight to the death over the very identity of this nation and the very core standards that will govern our nation going forward.

This is not a debate between two Americans but between an American and a Stalinist, an American and a Nazi, an American and a Papist of the Middle Ages, an American and an Islamo-Fascist.  No, progressives are not Stalinists or Nazis or Papists or Islamo-Fascists, but they all have the same foundation beliefs in the nature of human governance.  These groups, as you may well know, produced very different forms of statism, but they all had the same foundational belief in the nature of human governance.

Would we have a reasonable discourse with any of the people above and allow them to serve as leaders in our government, teach our children, or, for that matter, would we even buy goods from a business one of these people owned?  This, I believe, is how we should view the progressives in America today.

Progressives come in many flavors and labels, but you can identify them by identifying their foundational beliefs in the nature of governance.  You see, the enemy of American Individual Liberty is to be found amongst the GOP and the Progs alike.  The definition of the enemy can be found in a simple question- Do you believe that man is capable, through reason alone, of creating a perfection, or near-perfection, here on earth?

This value will frame the way you look at governance in the natural.  A humanist world view, or some form of it, gravitates towards statism.  Their ‘bill of rights’ is framed around ‘positive rights’, rights given to them by a benefactor, the state, such as the ‘right’ to health insurance, as this President recently declared we have in America today.  Their ‘rights’ necessitate a benevolent bureaucracy that will create and grant these ‘rights’.

This is not at all the Judeo-Christian value system, and it was the very value system that the Americans were trying to escape when they framed the Constitution, and, more specifically, the Bill of Rights.  This type of perfection through state manipulation was behind Papal Christendom.  They believed a State-run Godly authority would eventually bring the whole body of Christ together in perfect harmony, presenting an unblemished bride to Christ.

This Papal expression of the progressive ideal even governed the State of Virginia before their own Bill of Rights in 1789.  Instead of a Papal Hierarchy, their hierarchy was the State-Sponsored and State-enforced Church of England, which, after 1776, became, in America, the Episcopal Church.

The idea is that smart people can determine the best course for the rank and file, the unwashed.  It is the same underlying standard that allows the Islamo-Fascists to dream of their Sharia-led Theocracies.

The emergence of  our American understanding of liberty was born primarily through the struggle of Christians who dared believe the Word was the first and final authority, that Christians could congregate with who they wanted to congregate with, that individuals could share their understanding of truth however they wanted (and print that understanding), and, lastly, but most dangerously, that the state had no business enforcing God’s standards on believers, or even on non-believers.

Progressives have a value system which is cut from the same clothe.  When they are freed from the shackles on the full expression of their value system, they will produce the same type of state control over our thoughts and our actions that the Islamo-Fascists, the Papists, and the Nazis did.  They are close to having the last vestiges of limitations removed from their full-frontal assault on the Republic.

They are an insurgency, not an honest broker.  There is no rational discourse you can have with someone whose value systems are fundamentally different than your own; value systems which, if lived out (as they have been, increasingly, since the start of the 20th century), are wholly and completely in violation of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We now live in a land of significantly diminished Rule of Law.  There are very few safe boundaries to the actions our political opponents can engage in to end our resistance to their very real efforts to dismantle the American republic.

While progressives understand this fight to the death, while progressives understand that the two value systems cannot possibly co-exist, BOR supporters largely are unaware of the enemy they face.  They continue to try to reason with the unreasonable.  That very effort to treat the other side as if they are an honest broker in a traditional American political debate legitimizes them and gives them credibility with the people they are working hard to indoctrinate, placate, or intimidate into silence.

The prophets of old did not intellectually debate the godless, but rather they testified to their truthful natures, the nature of murder and lies, the nature of theft and corruption.  They called them to repentance, not debate.

These are who the progressives are, and they need to hear the truth, not be allowed to believe they are civil and honest brokers in the political marketplace of ideas.  They need to know they are murderers, or murder enablers if they support the progressive cause.  They need to be called to repent of their sins, not given a platform to spread their anti-american lies to your children and mine.

You, the reader, may not see this yet, but, mark my word, should they not be stopped, within 2-5 more years you will see that they were something far more than an honest political opponent, they were terrorists and insurgents seeking to murder, lie, cheat, and steal their way towards their goal of killing off, once and for all, the American Republic.

If any of my words are preserved for posterity, I want those words to reflect a knowledge of their murderous nature and a commitment to unabashedly stand against this growing tyrannical threat.  I don’t want to be remembered as sounding like Neville Chamberlain as Hitler rose, but as Winston Churchill.  I want to be remembered, if I am at all, as a watchman who loudly and without equivocation sounded the alarm.  I did not whisper politely, “The British may be considering Landing tonight, let’s go out and have a discourse with them on the nature of Freedom”.  I want to be remembered as riding into the night screaming my bloody head off, “The British are coming, The British are coming”.

Well, friend, the progressives are coming, have come, and we have a role to play in sounding the alarm, not enabling them and legitimizing their assaults.

The issue is not civility.  Civility or lack thereof, is the fruit of the change in the debate.  What was once a debate over higher taxes or lower taxes has now become a fight for our very existence as a Republic.  And right now, friend, they are winning.  If you listen to how they speak, from the President on down, they understand this fight.  It’s time for you to understand it as well.  They will work to demonize, isolate, and invalidate any consideration of opposition to their ideas, because they know their ideas are an aggressive, murderous war against our very freedoms.

Should we fall, unless God raises up a new people, the one light of freedom and hope in this world will be exterminated.  If that happens, friend, how do you want to be remembered?  These are serious times.  Consider my words.

A last note- The enemy wears GOP as well as DEM clothing- the only plumb line is a politician’s willingness to work to restore and defend the Bill of Rights.  Any commitment that falls short of that reveals a progressive, be they a progressive by ideal, profit, or simply cowardice.


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