News for the NightNEWS FOR THE NIGHT –  A man from Nebraska City, Nebraska in Otoe County was sentenced Tuesday, March 1st, 2016Mommy Dearest to 3 years in prison for forcing two boys to watch the movie “Mommy Dearest.”  The boys were aged 4 and 6.

Mommy Dearest anThe man, Glenn Oliver, 30, was acting on the wishes of his girlfriend, Mary K Lucas, who was the boys’ mother.  The mother, it seems, wanted Oliver to force the boys to watch the movie “Mommy Dearest” so the boys could see she wasn’t the most terrible mom in the world, Joan Crawford was.Mommy Dearest Mom

Well, Oliver took the initiative in a way that may have countered the whole point of the exercise in the first place.  You see, back in the heat of August 2015, Oliver made an effort to get the two boys to sit down and watch “Mommy Dearest.”

For anyone whose seen the movie, you probably can figure out that 4 and 6 year old boys wouldn’t find this move terrible interesting, let alone be able to easily follow it.  As you can probably guess, the boys just weren’t cooperating with Oliver’s efforts to help the boys see what a great Mom they had in Mary (who had left them all alone with a man who could not figure out why two boys, aged 4 and 6, might not sit still to watch a movie about a crazy lady abusing her daughter).

Here’s where it gets interesting.  Oliver, the paradigm of parental perfection, made a snap decision to get the boys to watch “Mommy Dearest” and thus earn Mary her much ‘deserved’ accolades as “not the meanest Mom on the planet anymore.”

When the boys refused to cooperate, Oliver turned to the same all-purpose tool that most men turn to when they’re in a bind (except when they’re trying to get two little boys to watch a pyscho movie about a crazy Mom abusing her daughter, because they wouldn’t ever try to even make them watch that, even if their Mom ASKED them to do it), they turn to tried and true Duct Tape.

For all you Red Green fans out there (and you know who you are), this is NOT an approved use of duct tape from Ole Red.

Oliver bound the boys up in chairs and sat the boys in front of the TV screen while Joan Crawford rummaged through her daughter’s closet looking for wire hangers.

At some point, the boys must have been thinking, “hmm, we’re duct taped to a chair by a dude our Mom put in charge of us to watch this crazy movie….hmmm.”

I’m willing to bet the next thought was not, “I guess Mom’s not so bad after all.”

Luckily for the boys, a friend of the family stopped in to see how the fun-loving Oliver was doing with the boys.  Turns out, not so good.  The friend called the police to report Oliver, along with photos to show that the boys had been duct taped to the chairs.  Fortunately, the boys did not suffer any physical harm from this ordeal, and it did not last long.

When Oliver was confronted by the police, he explained that the boys just “weren’t minding (him)” so he duct taped them to make sure they watched the movie.

Oliver did the only thing he could do with all the evidence, which included the pictures the friend took.  He plead guilty to two felony counts of intentional child abuse.  He was sentenced to 3 years in prison, which includes the 178 days he’s already served.  He has also been given 18 months on parole.

As for the award-winning Mom, Mary Lucas, she plead no contest to negligent child abuse in January 2015.  She faces a sentencing hearing on April 12th.

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