Is Melanie Sloan encouraging David Keegan to sacrifice his nephew?

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David Keegan, former volunteer for Christine O’Donnell who claims to have been her financial consultant, has been making charges lately against Christine O’Donnell that, if true, would call into question the legal standing of his own nephew BrentVasher.  David Keegan’s affidavit is the centerpiece of the charges leveled against Christine O’Donnell by Melanie Sloan and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington(CREW).  The accusations are based on two claims, that David Keegan was a financial consultant for the 2008 campaign, and inside information he apparently received illegally from his nephew, Brent Vasher.

The Freedomist looked into the basis of both David Keegan’s claims as well as exactly who this so-called champion of campaign finance decency is.  What we found was more disturbing than the claims this angry man is making, claims that could land his nephew in jail, if they were true.

Claim One- Brent Vasher told me Christine O’Donnell did bad things:

Melanie Sloan is paid $230,000 a year by Progressive donors like George Soros to manufacture “ethics” complaints against conservatives.  She has a history of throwing even her own FAMILY under the bus in pursuit of her radical Progressive agenda, and she may have encouraged her key witness against Christine O’Donnell to do the same.  This man provides the key testimonial evidence Melanie Sloan has used to level campaign finance charges against Christine O’Donnell through the FEC.

The man’s name is David Keegan and his claims regarding conservative, Christine O’Donnell, include alleging that his own nephew, a lawyer, knowingly participated in breaking campaign laws, as well as orchestrated a conspiracy to embezzle campaign funds. Brent Vasher is Vice President and Corporate Counsel of S.E.I. Investments in Oak, Pennsylvania, with a lot to lose from Uncle David Keegan’s accusations. The Freedomist will be attempting to learn what S.E.I. Investments and its individual investors think about its Vice President either being accused of these violations by his Uncle or perhaps quietly stoking a national firestorm against a conservative through his Uncle.

Claim Two- I was Christine O’Donnell’s Financial Consultant so I saw secret things:

David Keegan bases the efficacy of his testimony on having been Christine O’Donnell’s “Financial Consultant”.  As a Financial Consultant, David Keegan would be privy to all the campaign’s books.  However, the facts don’t square up with this claim, facts that should invalidate his entire testimony, and perhaps exonerate his own nephew.

There are two facts which seriously undermine his claim to have been Christine O’Donnell’s financial consultant, the first is that David Keegan has no formal education whatsoever in the field (more on this later) and second, the O’Donnell campaign of 2008, the campaign David Keegan did some volunteer and some paid work for, never raised enough money to necessitate a financial advisor.  If they did need such advice, their Treasurer, Timothy Koch, was more than qualified to fulfill that role.

As for David Keegan, he was let go soon after he came into the campaign after displaying anti-Christian bigotry, even accusing O’Donnell of some weird conspiracy to impose the Ten Commandments or the Bible on the whole country if she won the election.

Here is his bizarre charge:

David Keegan At the beginning of my final staff meeting with her 2008 campaign, they prayed that she would be elected ” to help bring this country under Christian control”. That was the last straw for me. I consider myself to be a conservative Christian but only as far as letting it guide my own conscience, not to control the lives of others. She is way, way out there. Keep the pressure on!

Recapping the two claims

David Keegan has made his claims against Christine O’Donnell based on two ‘facts’, that he was the Financial Consultant for the 2008 campaign, a claim The Freedomist has found to be untrue.  Keegan volunteered in O’Donnell’s 2008 campaign to run a few fund-raising events like a bar-b-cue, and was paid a $1,000 as he departed in August 2008. In 2008, Keegan loaned the O’Donnell campaign $2,300, which was paid back on time a few weeks later.

The other claim is based on personal information he acquired from Brent Vasher, who happens to also be his nephew.  David Keegan alleges that AFTER he was long gone from the campaign in 2008 he somehow was given privileged information by Vasher that in 2009 O’Donnell was allegedly using campaign money to pay Vasher rent money, something that Vasher, a lawyer, would fully know was illegal.

Melanie Sloan has asked for a criminal investigation, repeatedly called O’Donnell a “criminal,” and argued that O’Donnell embezzled campaign funds.  Does David Keegan realize that Brent Vasher would also be prosecuted for embezzling campaign funds?  David Keegan has apparently disregarded his own nephew, Brent Vasher.  He has used his nephew’s name and position to gain his 15 minutes of fame with the Progressive Journolist Media.

In essence, Keegan is accusing his own nephew of violating attorney-client privilege, something that could get Vasher disbarred, and violating campaign laws and joining a conspiracy for embezzlement, something that could get Vasher jailed.

Curiously, Keegan’s affidavit on CREW’s behalf was not notarized or dated and it is not known in fact if it was even officially submitted.

Attempts by the Freedomist to call and fax Vasher for his version of the story were not responded to.  It could be that Vasher simply wants to move on with his life, something perhaps he might hope his uncle, David Keegan would do.

Who is David Keegan?

What is the motivation behind David Keegan’s zealous assault on Christine O’Donnell?  Our staff has been researching David Keegan and found some disturbing Facebook posts from Keegan that shows a man unhinged, boiling with a hate for O’Donnell that also calls into question the credibility of the claims he has now been making to anyone who will listen.

When a group was created on Facebook attacking Christine O’Donnell, here is what David Keegan posted:

David Keegan Who created this group? Post a more appropriate picture of the witch.


There have been other, more bizarre comments David Keegan has made which are not fit for reprint due to the vulgarity of the comments.

Beyond the hate David Keegan clearly has for Christine O’Donnell, who is the would-be political hack now risking his nephew’s career to destroy her?  We did find his education records. He holds a 1993 degree in Near Eastern & African Studies from the University of Michigan, which took him 11 years to complete. There is absolutely no evidence supporting any Financial background or work history for David Keegan.

Furthermore, The Freedomist could find little evidence David Keegan is currently employed, self-employed, or deriving any income from any other source.  One wonders how David Keegan is currently deriving a living.  Maybe we should talk to Melanie Sloan?

Summary-  David Keegan is not a credible witness- is the FEC paying attention?

In our investigation of the charges David Keegan has leveled, and the man making the charges, The Freedomist has found ample evidence to suggest David Keegan is an unstable, volatile man who openly demonstrates hate and hostility against Christine O’Donnell.  He seems willing to make false claims about himself.  He also makes claims that might just sacrifice members of his own family, mainly Brent Vasher, who might not even be aware of how his uncle is talking to the Journolist media, using his name to do so.

We can only hope the FEC is paying attention to this story too, for if Melanie Sloan and her well-paid political hit squad, CREW, are basing their case against Christine O’Donnell on an un-notarized, partially completed affidavit by a nefarious character such as David Keegan, then surely the FEC MUST and should dismiss this complaint on the face of it, for if political assassins are allowed to use the FEC as a weapon against their political enemies, and the FEC is a willing partner in that game, then the whole democratic process will come to a grinding halt.

Whatever one thinks of a political candidate, when the system is allowed to be gamed like this, where one political attack machine can manipulate the FEC to intimidate the ‘wrong kind’ of candidates from coming forward (which is what Melanie Sloan and her CREW goons are hoping will happen), you will end up with the Soviet Republic of America, something we are sure George Soros and the rest of his progressive red shirts will surely applaud.


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