Recently the Maryland State Legislature thought it prudent to require more disclosure than is already required by law and a complete audit of each franchisee of every company, which was franchising in their state and providing jobs and tax base. It is the typical thing dumb politicians do when they have no clue as to how free enterprise models work. There ought to be a test for all Maryland State legislators and lawyers on the reality of the market place. The entrepreneurs cannot build as fast as the lawyers and bureaucracy is stealing from us. Caesar was right, maybe we should follow his thought process on this one. Here is an excerpt of a letter, I, an entrepreneur had to write the legislature to get that stupid bill killed in committee which was proposed by some moron politician there. Read it and think:

“. . .the competitive market will provide more jobs and the good franchisors through success will win the consumers hearts and expand and the illegitimate ones will exit the market place. This Bill is similar to making a Law to prevent International Terrorism such as ” It is allowed for anyone to fly an aircraft into a building.” No kidding, that is already a law, but did that stop the International Terrorists? Franchise registration laws in Maryland duplicate The FTC little franchise acts anyway. The laws are already on the books and are hurting Maryland in so many ways. More may kill it and certainly destroy the small business sector of which 68% of our population is employed, that’s right and you thought the government employed everyone didn’t you?

Have you ever tried to hire a CPA firm to audit something? Let me tell you the cost in now a little over double that of a few years ago after 9-11. With Arthur Anderson exiting the market place there are fewer firms wanting to audit franchises. Errors and omissions insurance are triple of prior years, fewer firms do audits, very few small firms even want the business anymore. Getting peer reviews for legitimate audits costs bundle too and since there are fewer because of over regulation in their accounting industry it takes twice as long to get your audits back meaning you may not be able to comply in the proper time frame for franchise renewal, thus you are dead in the water to open new businesses, franchise outlets, until they are done.

If every franchisee had to be audited in your state of every system can you imagine how many audits that would be? Guess what, Maryland with as many accountants as they have does not even have enough to audit all the stores and there is now a shortage of competent auditors who have the proper insurance around and soon there will be even fewer. I want to know if Mary Ann (the introducer of this piece of legislation) has a husband, brother, sons, daughters which are CPAs, if so I believe I should scream bloody murder in all media outlets. I see something else here? Is it conflict of interest?

What is really behind this, this does not smell right; a Democrat against jobs? I have nothing against Democrats and I presume they have nothing against small businesses, consumers or jobs? Then why attack small business (franchisees) are all small businesses? Why are you doing this. WHY?

Why are you trying to kick Maryland in the butt in the middle of a recession, this really sounds like a terrorist type maneuver to me at least this is my opinion of this. Are you really planning on voting for this Bill? If this law is passed I, a franchisor, will personally spend out of my personal monies to defeat those who voted for this Bill in the next election, but I will not give it to a person, We will do grass roots marketing in the strongest precincts of those who voted for this Bill, because I believe that strongly in America, her freedoms and free enterprise. We will go to the streets. We will work on the web, we will march, we will hold signs, buy bumper stickers and host Bingo Parties for as many AARP members as we can find. We will hold free car washes fundraisers in support of opponents to this Bill, attach bumper stickers to patrons automobiles, we can and by God we will. . .”

– – – – – –

The Entrepreneurs of America are getting pissed as the lawyers and politicians who are raping us make laws, which steal from the productivity of our nation. It is time for every American to remember how blood, sweat and tears built this country. It was the small businesses and entrepreneurs, not a bunch of two-bit scoundrel lawyers turned politician. Our ancestors did not die for us to turn our lives over to a bunch of lawyers from Merry Land. I am fed up. You should be appalled. Think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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