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Just when you may have forgotten about Thad Cochran’s defeat of Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi Republican Senatorial Primary Runoff this past June, the McDaniel’s camp seems poised to continue to challenge the election results.

Cochran won the controversial runoff with 7.667 votes.  While Cochran may have won the election, he did so by pulling in votes from black democrats.  Part of the campaign strategy included messages that McDaniel was a white supremacist who wanted to return to the days of Jim Crow.  Other tactics included promises by the Cochran camp that they would not be an impediment to the Obama Administration like McDaniel would be.

The questionable tactic, paid for by the State Republican Party of Mississippi and endorsed by the national Republican Party, worked, bringing in thousands of black democrats to cast what proved to be the deciding vote.  Cochran carried the 268 democratic districts in Mississippi by a total of 7,682 votes, more than the margin total he defeated McDaniel by.

A revealing statistic shows that in just 3 of those heavily black democratic districts, Cochran pulled in a winning margin of 3,889 votes.

These numbers, coupled with the progressive campaign promises made by Cochran and endorsed by both the state and national Republican leadership, have led many in the Republican Party to question the reason for supporting a party that ‘favors winning over principles.’

Still, the fervor had died down and many had moved on.  But were they premature?  The Freedomist has acquired a memo sent out by the Revive America PAC, which is leading an effort to investigate the votes in the runoff election.  According to this memo, sent out to its supporters, the McDaniel camp is charging that, despite being impeded by county clerks they allege to be in the back pockets of state Republican leadership, they have identified over 8.300 questionable votes.  They suspect they will find many more if the county clerks gave them access to un-redacted, unaltered voting records.

From the memo:

There are now over 8,300 “questionable ballots cast” — even in the face of illegal obstruction by Cochran-establishment election clerks in 20 counties.

Still fighting on, conservative Chris McDaniel has asked for an emergency order from the Mississippi Supreme Court to force a county clerk to provideoriginal copies of poll book records — not the tainted, redacted sham records.

“For the last two weeks, more than two hundred volunteers for from all over Mississippi have worked tirelessly in an effort to gain access to election records in order to ensure the integrity of the primary process in Mississippi,”McDaniel said in a statement on Friday. 

“We have found over 8,300 questionable ballots cast, many of which were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate in the June 24th runoff election”

The memo also states that McDaniel is soon to hold a press conference to announce the campaign’s ‘next steps.’

The McDaniel camp, along with Revive America PAC, is seeking an immediate order from the Mississippi Supreme Court to allow the McDaniel team access to the un-edited voting records.  If the McDaniel team does find more invalid votes than Cochran’s margin of victory, it would force yet another runoff with the incumbent Senator, Thad Cochran.

We will follow this story as we receive more information from our inside sources.


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