A Former FCC Chair is warning journalists that the future of journalism is in doubt in the face of current practices and standards exhibited by the American Federal Government, especially as it relates to the encouragement of media consolidation:


This is the key part of the article tweeted:

It was disheartening to realize how government—my own agency—was an accomplice in diminishing our news and disfiguring your journalism. It isn’t just the excesses of a Wall Street bazaar run wild; it is also proactive government policy-making. And while it is true that many decisions at the FCC are non-partisan, this one often pitted the 2001-09 Republican majority against the Democratic minority (of which I was a member).

Here is his byline:

Michael J. Copps is a special advisor for Common Cause’s Media and Democracy Reform Initiative. He served as a member of the Federal Communications Commission from 2001-11.

He had this to say about media consolidation and the threat to journalism 7 months ago:

Published on Jul 6, 2013

Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, who served ten years, gave a talk on the state of media in the US. This is part 2 of 2. Do you think Edward Snowden would have stayed in this country to challenge the government if there was a diverse media outlet? Would the debate be different than ‘he is a traitor’? How would we discuss NSA and its spying activities on ordinary people? Would the Egypt Revolution 2 be covered/presented differently? And many more questions! What needs to be done? You tell me and the rest of the world.


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