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Multi-Agency Minuteman Raid Raises Bill of Rights Concerns


Milton- Editor, Bill Collier

attorney general kathleen kane

A multi-agency raid, led by Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office, on Minuteman Environmental Services in Milton PA has left many observers asking a lot of questions related to the freedom of Americans in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Questions arising from our readers include the tactics in the raid, the need for the raid, the possible political ties , and whether anti-fracking views of the Attorney General played a part in this heavy-handed raid.

First, we will look at the conduct of the “troops” who descended on the business as if they were assaulting al qaeda headquarters. Second, we will ask this question; what was the need for such a raid given the company’s willingness to voluntarily produce sought-after documentation

Third, some question the possible political targeting of a conservative businessman (in light of the IRS Scandal). We will look at why such a question is being raised.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly we will consider the overt anti-fracking position of the State Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, who ran under a platform that promised to ‘get rid’ of fracking in Pennsylvania. This is a particularly relevant question given the vital role that waste disposal has for the natural gas industry right here in Tioga County.

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