Minimalist Art opinionA BRAVE NEW WORLD

READER OPINION- Charles Vancouver- This question has been floating around artistic circles for some time. Some have even went to the extreme in protest. One women, an artists by the name Lisa Levy, sought to counter the impending growth of this growing cultural phenomenon. Her plan, to sit naked on a toilet for two days.
It begs to ask, why? What is this world coming to, really? Isn’t this supposed to be a satirical question we ask ourselves. How could it be necessary that you might need to quantify the question ethically, or even metaphysically. Which would be to question our understanding of what is real.
It is becoming more often noticeable that we come across this increasingly strange art. In city parks, community centers, and often around government buildings, sculptures and paintings that seem to have no purpose or reason. Paintings and structures that you might say, look like garbage thrown together into something like a sculpture.
Historically from the earliest forms of artistic creation there began a continual attempt of capturing the known world in a moment. The attempt of capturing something of nature, that reflects to us the beauty of life. A plethora of emotion encapsulated forever in a single frame.
As the progression of history devolves and life escalates into the future, so with it has the creativity of culture.
You might be right in your assumption. Though, the more we come across this “art,” for some reason there is an expressionist need for the considered appreciation of these creations. I assume our need to appreciate the are is from our common base of reasoning. It is so obvious the “art” is a pile of scrapped metal thrown together, but why does it hold a common basis in true art. Could the offensive nature of the art, be of itself, the art?
Maybe we should be asking ourselves, what is art? Or is that the purpose of these creations?
Michelangelo’s David is a solid marble sculpture, that had taken three years to construct. The dimensions of the statute are entirely geometrically sound. The mathematical genius alone is marveling. Michelangelo’s David was completed over 500 years ago with unconscionable precision, but we marvel as it truly is a masterwork of art.
The meaning of today’s abstract art, as it is conceptual. A proposed creation of disgusting offence, engineered to the purpose, that we might question the world around us. On that note, what do these creations tell us about the world outside of our small towns?
Billions of dollars all over the world are spent by the wealthiest men in the world on art alone. An example, Canvas Painted With Blue Line, which sold for $14,000,000.
Why are the world’s wealthiest spending millions on this pointless, nonsensical art? Why are we getting killed by taxes and hidden fees from the monopolies, when the billionaires and millionaires burn all their money? We spend half of our hard earned money on taxes, hidden fees, and a 150.00 fine for spitting on a downtown NYC sidewalk, and some of the rich spend millions of dollars on art.
People that run multi million dollar industries have it just as hard as any accountant, or a sales associate at you average firm. The difference for most, is that they worked incredibly hard for their success. Problems in life occur when when confusion works it’s way into life. There are psychological games and emotional games, games of fitting in and finding your place. Becoming wealthy is far beyond luck and chance. For one, it’s your faith in God that you might be successful, another is the devil trying to convince you of your worthlessness.
Maybe I’m just out of the loop, in my intellectual ability to identify incredibly fine works of art. Or, the supposed art truly is garbage.
None the less, I will keep my sanity and ignore these incredibly ridiculous, “pieces of art.”


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