jeffreyhollandValia Jenkins- New Jersey father Jeffrey Holland allegedly did the unthinkable to his children’s mother. A series of events that unfolded on Friday and continued on Saturday left the mother of Holland’s two children dead along with two other people.

The tragedy started on Friday at Tiniquah Rouse’s Newark, New Jersey apartment. Rouse, 21, was discovered dead in her bathtub with strangulation being the likely cause of death. Thankfully, a child that was in the apartment was unharmed. The boy, age 5 months, was hiding in a closet. According to prosecutors, the boy isn’t related to Holland.

Unfortunately, the loss of life did not end on Friday. Holland allegedly killed two more people on Saturday. He allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend Ashley Jones, 23, who is the mother of his two children, at her Clinton Place home. Jarrell Marshall, 28, was also allegedly killed by Holland. Jones resided with Marshall. According to prosecutors, Holland had a restraining order on Jones, and vice versa.

Again, there were children in the home but they were unharmed. Two of the children, a 4-year-old-boy and a 1-year-old-girl, are Holland’s children. The other child, a 3-year-old-girl, is Marshall’s daughter and is not related to either Holland or Jones.

Holland is facing charges of murder, contempt of a restraining order, and endangering the welfare of children, according to prosecutors. On Tuesday, he was arrested. Holland is currently in a Newark jail and his bail is set at $2.5 million.


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