After being caught red-handed with around 3,000 instances of violating people’s privacy, the NSA had this to say to the Washington Post:

“We’re a human-run agency operating in a complex environment with a number of different regulatory regimes, so at times we find ourselves on the wrong side of the line,” a senior NSA official told the Post.

Now imagine that you as a citizen were dealing with a Federal Agency and you were found to have violated even a small, unknown regulation. Could an excuse like this have worked? Would your accuser let you off if they found that you had no bad intent, as the NSA claims it had no bad intent?

This same excuse-making occurred with the IRS claiming that the inadvertent disclosures of people’s private information to political groups who are hostile to those people and their organization were excusable because the IRS is “really big” and because there was no “bad intent.”

Such a regimen where the government can do wrong and use such excuses to avoid consequences while there is not a shred of mercy or grace for the People when they violate some obscure regulation buried in literally hundreds of millions of sheets of paper is a clear sign that we have already lost the essence of the republic, for which we ought to stand.

Federal officials being able, as they are, to opt out of social security, which we mere serfs cannot opt out of, and now Obamacare, are further examples of this outrageous problem.

This is the real problem in America today, a slave mentality on the part of the “sheople” and a “master mentality” on the part of the government, all products of our lost faith in God Himself. By denying the validity of God’s laws in our lives, we have fallen into the hand of men’s laws, and that is true bondage.

When we speak of the Progressive slave plantation it’s not just a saying, this is proof enough that it is real, that the masters have one set of rules, which is that they have no rules, while the slaves have more rules than even the strictest observer of the Mosaic law has ever had to follow.

At some point things have to go in only one of two directions: the feudal overlords in DC will be toppled and everything will be be reset to pre-progressive war on freedom levels, OR the godless slavery and bondage of the many by the few will become a full-blown despotism.

America must decide: slave or free, man or God?


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