Will Occupiers Turn On Their Master?
Progressives’ Manufactured “Revolutions” Backfires

When shadowy bigwigs want to take down a popular resistance movement, like the Tea Party, they usually sponsor their own mob to fling at the opposition. The problem with flinging mobs at your enemy is that mobs can see their former sponsors as their enemy and turn on them.

On the northwest corner of 53rd Street and 7th Avenue, in view of the Sheraton hotel in New York City, a groups of 100 or so ultra progressive extremists who want a socialist worker’s paradise NOW started an “action” that President Obama may have been surprised by.

As the progressive President arrived at around 9 PM the uber-radical vanguard his team thought might reinvigorate his base like the Tea Party did for the other side turned its guns on him. Signs proclaimed:

Obama Is A Corporate Puppet
Sold Out
War Crimes Need Persecuting, No Matter Who Does Them

One of the organizers lamented that Obama was going to get money from “the richest of the rich.”

Obama’s visit to New York has been marked by controversies and irony. He allegedly came to New York for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza, but he is snarling traffic on  an epic scale to attend numerous fundraisers for extremely wealthy donors. Rudi Guilliani criticized Obama’s segway from nice public event to money-grubbing politicking.

The irony of this was not lost on the Occupiers- little people’s lives were severely inconvenienced so that Obama could get big bucks from the very same wealthy people both he and the Occupiers were vilifying.

It’s not certain that the whole movement, largely “sponsored” by legacy, but often covert, radical progressive organizations will turn completely on its master and become a source of trouble from Obama’s left flank, but the first signs of potentially losing control of the mob they sought to fling against the Tea Party may have already emerged.


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