Sandy, Daisey & Dolley – Bed Bug Sniffers

Placing Pests Under Arrest

There is a new Sheriff in town when it comes to busting bugs from threatening your family and pets, or breaking, entering and damaging your home or business.

Never fear, Ladybug is here to help and she is “packing heat”. Heat in the form of an arsenal of weapons against pests.  These weapons include prevention, education, do-it-yourself tips, canine scent detection for bed bugs, experience and exceptional service. 

Let’s talk bugs.  Here are some important things you as a homeowner or business owner can do right now to help prevent pests that are on the prowl and ready to break into your place.

1.  Exclusion work – Walk the outside perimeter of your home or business checking for any openings or possible entry points for pests or rodents to sneak in.  Seal and caulk all cracks and penetration points. Install door sweeps.
2.  Airtight food containers – Keep all cereals, grains & other similar foods in airtight containers.  Hard plastic containers are safer than bags as they will keep rodents out. Pet food should be stored in sealed containers.
3.  Standing water –  Standing and stagnant water around your home provides  breeding areas for mosquitos.  Fly control programs should be established, especially at businesses. Air curtains, UV light traps, fly spot baits. Check with your Pest Management Professional.
4. Trim bushes, tree branches & keep mulch away – Many pest invaders use shrubbery and tree branches as ladders to gain access to your home. Make sure to keep all shrubs and branches trimmed back from touching your home. Also keep mulch at least 6 inches away from the foundation of your home.
5.  Educate yourself – Bed bugs – Most of us travel, may buy items at consignment shops or yard sales, have kids coming home from their dorms at college and have visitors or relatives that may stay with us while travelling to visit.  Bed bugs are still a threat on Delmarva.  Go to or to learn what to look for and how to prevent bringing bed bugs back home. We also have great resource – a pocket sized wallet card regarding bed bugs for travelers and consumers. Just give us a call and we will see to it that you receive one.
Lodging businesses should implement a Bed Bug Action Plan. Ask your pest management company to assist you with this. Being proactive regarding bed bugs is imperative in our hospitality industries. We are happy to answer any questions, just give us a call or drop an e-mail anytime to:

Warmer temperatures always bring out all kinds of pests that have been in hiding for the winter. Now is the time that you as a homeowner or business owner can take preventative steps to deter bugs from getting in. In addition to all of the above the best preventative protocol to take is to have a pest management company perform an exterior perimeter treatment of your home or business to act as a barrier to stop pests from coming inside.

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