Wikileaks is to progressives what hezbollah is to Islamo-Fascists- Julain Assange- Info-Terrorist

Was this US Soldier killed by Wikileaks Info Terrorists

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Wikileaks is a front organization run by progressives, directly or indirectly, to inflict terrorist assaults against America, her soldiers, and he covert operatives worldwide.  Wikileaks may not use suicide bombers or IEDs, but through their leaked documents they are enabling the unnatural allies of progressives, Islamo-Fascists, to do their bidding for them by letting the suicide bombers and IED planters know who, when, and where to target Americans.  The progressives of America are for this and rally around their new folk hero Julian Assange.

Want proof that Wikileaks is simply a terroristic front for a worldwide progressive network hell-bent on destroying American Freedom?

Here is a snippet about the commonality between the king funder of progressive terror, George Soros, The Open Society, and Wikileaks:

>>>Assange/Wikileaks: Funded By… Quote
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Manning’s attorney is Mark Stevens, who also does pro-bono work for George Soros and the Open Society Institute.

Additionally, Assange negotiated with George Soros’ Open Society Institute for funding for Wikileaks.


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Read these words from the mouths of progressives fighting from within this nation to help Wikileaks attack America from without and from within:

Jeremy Scahill on Wikileaks | The LA Progressive

Sep 20, 2010 Jeremy Scahill discusses the need to support Wikileaks and organizations like it as a way to maintain transparency.

We Need WikiLeaks | The LA Progressive

We Need WikiLeaks. Wikileaks provides information that helps to promote

The Possible Prosecution of WikiLeaks | The LA Progressive

Ivan Eland: The Justice Department is apparently considering prosecuting…/prosecution-wikileaks/

On the Damning Evidence Provided by WikiLeaks « Dystopian Blues …

Oct 26, 2010 Dystopian Blues: News Liberal Progressives Need On the importance of the latest WikiLeaks revelations, and the “shame of America”,…/on-the-damning-evidence-provided-by-wikileaks/

Wikileaks and the Reactionary Impulse to Repress | The Progressive

Nov 30, 2010 If you liked this story by Matthew Rothschild, the editor of The Progressive magazine, check out his story “Keeping Perspective on North

The Pennsylvania Progressive:: Wikileaks

Nov 26, 2010 WikiLeaks, famous for releasing information from around the world (not just the U.S. Military and Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email) is set to make…/wikileaks-by-KirkWentzel

WikiLeaks: Alleviating the Pentagon’s Bad Case of …

The documents, publicized by WikiLeaks to The Guardian, The New York Times, and Der Spiegel, have stirred up a lot of controversy and raise important

On Wikileaks and the Library of Congress: A Statement by the …

Dec 5, 2010 The Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) condemns in the strongest possible terms the blocking of Wikileaks by the Library of Congress and

Wikileaks exposes how unstable, unprinciples, and dangerous progressivism is.  They operate under a ‘by any means necessary’ code that they share with their unholy partners, the Islamo-Fascists they empower through wikileaks, and through the covert cyber assaults being orchestrated by progressive interests and powers.  Whenever you hear the word Wikileaks, think of them as the progressive version of Hezbollah, strapping their cyber poison pills on their mouse and detonating their information bombs in crowded squares, the emergence of the true info-terrorist, the Hezbollah of Progressives, Wikileaks.

Here is a report on their assault, why they are doing it, who is orchestrating it, and how:


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