Bill Collier- Under Progressivism the model of governance is based on a leadership philosophy that says “authority flows from the center and responsibility flows to the center.”

Decisions are made at the central point and lower level authorities carry them out until the regulations and rules are given to the individual. This may involve a majority vote by the populace, but even then the choices given to the population are limited by the leaders at the core through clever messaging, political correctness, and efforts to demonize anyone who doesn’t buy the party line.

Responsibility, on the other hand, goes from individuals who answer to the first outermost circle of petty officials and from them towards the next inner circle so that, ultimately, everyone is responsible to the central authority for their choices and actions.

Why do the Progressive spend so much, tax so much, print so much paper currency, make so many laws, create so many swarms of officials and agencies, and have so many complicated regulations, while saying they are “for the People”? The answer is simple- their leadership philosophy leaves them with no alternative but to originate authority over everyone from the center and to make everyone responsible towards the center.

They do not consider that they are making private people, private businesses, free associations of private people, and local communities all responsible to the government while removing government from any real accountability to the People who the Progressive say they champion.

It’s all bread and circuses and empty promises- they take your wealth, your independence, your liberty, and then your very dignity leaving you with grinding poverty and no answers other than to blame an innocent scapegoat.



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