If you have ever gone to the trouble of registering an Australian Business Number, you probably have a fairly good idea of ​​how difficult and time-consuming the procedure can be. Dealing with governmental bodies can be a bureaucratic nightmare at the best of times and your Australian Business Number application is no different.

By using a third-party service provider, registration becomes much easier. With the exception of a short, simple form to complete, the process is paperwork-free and the registration of your number will be completed by business experts who already have extensive experience of dealing with the Australian Tax Office.

Registering an Australian Business Number inside 24 Hours

If you are registering an Australian Business Number yourself, the process can take days or week to complete. This doesn't present any specific problems if you aren't in a hurry to obtain your number but if you are desperate to begin trading without having to pay 46.5% of your income in PAYG withholding taxes, any significant delays will ultimately end up costing you money.

By using a registration service, your application will usually be processed and approved within a single working day. You'll be able to use your own time to take care of more pressing business concerns and while you are waiting for finalization, your registration company will keep you up to speed with developments with SMS text alerts

Avoiding ATO Problems

If you are dealing with the Australian Tax Office and problems arise, do you have the capabilities to resolves these issues without delaying the registration of your number? Third party service providers often encounter the same difficulties on a regular basis so they know how to deal with them more effectively. Usually, a small change in the application form is all that's needed to gain fast and easy approval.

Registering an Australian Business Number can ultimately work out to be much cheaper than making an application yourself. Time lost at work can become even more expensive when delays are encountered and once you are tangled up in the process, it becomes almost impossible to withdraw from it until the Australian Tax Office is happy with your application.

Huge Business Advantages

Easier invoicing, instantly approved orders and the trust of your fellow Australians. The benefits of having your Australian Business Number in place serve to legitimise your business and build up your potential for greater success over the longer term.

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