The first presidential debate of 2012 was an overwhelming victory for Mitt Romney, so say most of the media and around 2/3rds of debate watchers.

This is bad news for the Progressives when you consider that up to 60 million Americans watched the debate. A focus group run by pollster Frank Luntz consisted of “undecided voters” who had voted for Obama in 2008- of the entire panel only 3 remained Obama supporters. If this focus group is indicative of the whole populace, Obama persuaded many or most undecided voters to swing towards Romney.

Romney stuck with a theme based on the idea that Obama’s plans are all “trickle down government”, effectively nuetralizing the “trickle down economics” argument. Romney knocked it out of the park when he complained about Obama’s spending $90 billion on “green energy”: Romney said that Obama puts his money where his heart is and that the $90 billion could have gone for 2 million teachers. This after Obama accused Romney of being “for less teachers”.

At one point a flustered Obama asked Jim Lehrer, the moderator, to “move on to another subject”, a line likely to be used in ads against him.

Obama’s supporters turned against him, shocked and dismayed at his performance. For four years Obama has been shielded from tough questions and face-to-face challenges to his rhetoric. In countless “interviews” Obama’s media supporters focus on making the President look good while reserving the “gotchya” questions for Republicans only. While this has confused the populace who are not aware of the ooposition’s responses to the Progressive meme, in this debate that meme was fairly exposed and challenged by Romney.

The debate will be a factor in this election, altough how much of a factor it will be has yet to be determines, and that can only be good for Romney.

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