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By W R Collier II- While many nations refuse to use the term “War On Terror”, (the ongoing war on a strategy which aims at the front groups and not the underlying Salafist ideology behind them, or its promoters) this ongoing low-grade war is costing most citizens more and more of their freedom.

It is in the name of that war that governments are saying they have a “right” to create data mining operations that daily intrude into people’s personal lives- emails, web browsing, social media, telephone calls, texts, financial transactions, and even vehicular travel are all “on the table” as far as tracking goes. In the end, you can be sure, that if a faceless bureaucrat decides they want your data, which is technically accessible, to use that data against you, they certainly can. If a criminal hacks into that data, it would be a treasure trove for them, but potentially a nightmare for you.

The failure of the state to protect its people without taking away more and more their rights in the process, and the failure to protect people’s freedom from the potential of government abuse, is undeniable. It begs the question, at a fundamental level, of the very legitimacy of those states. Whatever else they might wish to do, and collect taxes for, is irrelevent if they cannot protect their citizens WHILE respecting their rights: indeed preserving the sanctity of their citizens’ rights is their primary function, against which any other function is inconsequential.

The failure of so many states to identify Salafism itself as their true enemy, and to engage Salafism itself as the central problem for world peace, is the root cause behind this denial of personal liberty as an alleged “price” for “being safe.” As a point of fact, if your rights are not respected you are never safe, so the fact that, instead of a Salafist jihadist group, your government is taking your rights is no consolation or benefit. Whether a Salafist jihadist group of your government takes away your rights, the effect is the same, there is increasingly no real difference in effect between Salafist jihad and the state’s war on freedom. Both target your rights.

Salafism is not Islam, it uses Islam, it is a neo-fascist, theocratic, anti-freedom, intolerant, sexist, and anti-free market ideology that twists the Koran and the Muslim religion itself to fit its totalitarian aims.

As an example, the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood” is a Salafist, as opposed to a truly Muslim, organization and the American state is currently allied with that organization under the current Administration.

Salafism is the enemy of everyone, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, Budhists, Hindus, Atheists, Liberals, Conservatives, and everyone. Likewise, however, the “statist” response to a Salafist strategy of lateral warfare (terrorism) which targets everyone’s rights, all allegedly to prevent terrorism, even while failing to address Salafism, is equally the enemy of everyone who wants to be free.

Salafism has become the handmaiden of statism and it is no wonder that some conspiracy theorists think that terrorism, and acts of terror, are produced by their own government to frighten everyone into giving up their freedom: in the end the bad guys win because both the Salafist and the statist want you to lose your freedom.

The surveillance state and the Salafist “caliphate” are so much in tune with one another….it’s frightening. Statism and Salafism are not really enemies, they’re partners in crime. Freedom News Journal- Read More

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