We explore the Refugee Crisis in Europe, the shooting in Oregon, Panda Hugging, and more in this episode of the State of Wake Show featuring Dimitri and Paul.
And now ladies and gentlemen, be prepared for heat, be prepared for flames.  Step back and be careful not to burn yourselves.  If you’re not wearing a fire retardant suit, you best be careful as we take the headlines and grill them up.  Now, join us as Dimitri and Paul set your news on FIRE!

The story we are focusing on is about the rise of vigilante groups targeting refugees from the Syrian war. First, this story from Sweden illustrates why there is such growing animosity against the refugees, the governments of Europe aren’t being honest with their citizens, and appear unwilling to actually look after their interests.

The Backlash Against Syrian Refugees
From Tomo News

COLOGNE, GERMANY — Vigilante gangs have taken to the streets of Germany in response to the rash of molestations and robberies in German cities on New Year’s Eve, which have been blamed on migrants, Reuters reported.

Mass sexual assaults and robberies of women were reported in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The assailants were described by witnesses as being of Middle Eastern or North African origin. Similar assaults on a smaller scale were reported in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, according to Reuters.

As of Thursday, 652 incidents of sexual assault and robbery had been reported in Cologne alone, with 331 being of sexual in nature, according to Reuters. Police are focusing their investigation on asylum-seekers and illegal migrants from North Africa.

Citing the local Express newspaper, Reuters reported that a group of vigilantes calling themselves the Rockers, Hooligans and Bouncers used social media to gather people on Jan. 10 in downtown Cologne to launch a “manhunt” of foreigners.

Police reinforcements were sent to the city at 4:30 p.m. after police were notified of the meetup, reported the Independent. Six Pakistani men were attacked by a group of about 20 people two hours later, while a Syrian was attacked by five people a few minutes later, police said. Three Guineans and another Syrian were also attacked, according to the Independent.

Around 1,700 people attended a rally organized by the Pegida movement, a far-right anti-Islam group, in protest of Germany’s open-door migration policy on Saturday, reported Reuters. The rally was dispersed by riot police after someone in the crowd threw bottles and firecrackers at the officers.


Defend Yourself Against Rape, Get Charged for Brandishing a Weapon

From the Daily Mail

A Danish teenager who was sexually assaulted near a migrant asylum centre has been told she will be prosecuted after using pepper spray to fend off her attacker.

The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her.

But she managed to prevent the man from attacking her further by spraying the substance at him.

However, as it is illegal to use pepper spray, the teenage girl is set to face charges. It is likely she will face a 500 Krone (£50) fine

Local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd: ‘It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely to be charged for that.’

The man who attacked the girl fled from the scene and has not yet been charged. It is unclear if the man was an asylum seeker or refugee.


From the Free Beacon

Speaking at the Pennsylvania Press Club earlier this week, the retired Navy Admiral said that he dealt with similar situations during his time as a naval commander.

Sestak said that he would have boarded the craft himself with his men pointing guns at it’s crew while they looked for contraband, according to video of the response posted first by the Weekly Standard.



Published on Jan 28, 2016
So she does more than hug pandas, but, it IS a part of her job as Panda Nanny at a Chinese Zoo. Yeah. Give me that job!




The Mesh Goes APP

From The Daily Dot

New apps pop up in Apple’s App Store every day, some with more fanfare than others.FireChat, a messaging app, showed up quietly. The free tool didn’t have big-name cachet or the kind of sexy hook that has propelled services like Whisper and Secret into Next Big Thing territory. If you download it now, there’s not a whole lot going on; it’s still new and underutilized. But FireChat, which was developed by peer-to-peer Internet sharing company Open Garden, is potentially one of the most important apps in the App Store: It could take the idea of a mesh net mainstream…..

Done right, a mesh net will be immune to firewalls and government Internet bans, something important to consider for countries with censored Internet like China and Egypt (and something that may be of special interest to people in Turkey after the Twitter ban debacle). They can also come in handy during emergencies, when Internet service goes out (in fact, an Australian organization created a mesh net called Servalspecifically for this reason). They can also be cheaper than the regular Internet. Micha Benoliel, Open Garden’s CEO, believes establishing mesh nets is necessary to building better overall connectivity. “We need to create small Internets that can function on their own and [then] connect them to the big Internet,” he told Technology Review.



From the Free Thought Project

A group of the protesters, including Ammon Bundy, were on U.S. Highway 395 bound for John Day, scheduled to speak at an evening community meeting about the future of the area, when the ambush occurred.

Several hundred people gathered at the John Day Senior Center, waiting in vain for “guest speakers” that would never arrive. The occupiers were invited to the meeting as a set-up by law enforcement, meant to isolate the men in a cell phone dead zone on a road that had been blocked off for 60 miles by law enforcement.

Law enforcement sources have attempted to frame the official narrative as a traffic stop in which Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum and Ryan Bundy attempted to resist arrest, which resulted in Finicum’s death. Eyewitness accounts provide a very different accounting of the events that unfolded on the isolated highway.

According to a report in the Oregonian:

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said Ammon Bundy called his wife, Lisa Bundy, from the back of a police car on Tuesday night and said Finicum was cooperating with police when he was shot.
According to eyewitness Victoria Sharps, a woman who was in Finicum’s truck when it was stopped by law enforcement, there is no question about whether the rancher had his hands in the air or if he was shot unprovoked.

“He was just walking, with his hands in the air, and they shot him dead,” Sharps said, adding, “His hands were still up after he was dead.”


Greece, Damned if they do, damned if they don’t – the Shengen Threat

From The Guardian

Greece has hit back angrily after being given three months to avoid being suspended from Europe’s free-travel Schengen area because of its alleged failures to get a grip on the continent’s mass migration crisis.

The European commission said on Wednesday that Athens was failing to observe its obligations under the rules governing Europe’s 26-country passport-free travel area, known as Schengen.

“Greece is under pressure,” said Valdis Dombrovskis, a commission vice-president. “Greece seriously neglected its obligations … There are serious deficiencies in the carrying out of external border control that must be overcome.”….
“Greece has surpassed itself in order to keep its obligations,” said government spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili, insisting that it was not Greece’s fault that Turkey had failed to clamp down on smugglers’ rings and stem the flow of refugees. “We expect everyone else to do the same.”

EU governments made clear on Monday that there would need to be unprecedented action against Greece if it failed to start playing by the Schengen rules. Wednesday’s warning from the commission confirmed that. Dombrovskis said that a secret EU mission to Greece in November had concluded that Athens was avoiding the Schengen rules on several fronts.

“There is no effective identification and registration of irregular migrants,” said Dombrovskis. “Fingerprints are not being entered systematically into the system, travel documents are not being systematically checked for authenticity or against crucial security databases.”

The unprecedented move to sanction Greece is being combined with national governments acting to extend and prolong national border controls for up to two years, dealing a potentially terminal blow to the Schengen regime which has been in effect for more than 20 years and is generally viewed as one of the EU’s biggest and most popular achievements.


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