AARP Supported Obamacare and senior citizens made it possible- all in the name of "benefits"

Will today’s senior citizens put their benefits ahead of their children’s future? William R. Collier Jr.

The Progressive slave machine is in high gear defending the social security Ponzi scheme at a time when it is becoming obvious that giving people MORE than they actually put in to the system ensures bankruptcy for today’s youngest workers.

The system is one big lie and, until this nation started killing off its own future through abortion, there was enough coming in to pay the obligations even while the political elites skimmed off the top, middle, and bottom of the fund to finance their vote-buying programs. The fact that millions of people were paid doesn’t prove that the system was efficient or even just- it is neither.

We know there are better alternatives, but to even talk about them gets the “seniors”, led by the AARP, angry and frightened into believing that THEY will not get as much as they get now (regardless of what they actually paid into the system).

So far the response amongst reformists is to try to assure the seniors that their benefits won’t change. It is an argument that can’t seem to get past AARP’s filter. Seniors don’t seem to realize that the AARP is nothing more than a progressive plantation for senior citizens who depend on government for income and benefits- they don’t even get it that their benefits are costing them their freedom and empowering freedom takers in general.

Senior citizens have become takers, all they seem to worry about is how much they are going to get, even if getting it will ensure that future generations never have an equal chance to the same quality of life they enjoyed. For the first time in our history, it appears that future generations will lose ground and have less economic opportunity than those who came before them.

The current generation of senior citizens, especially the baby boomers, has enjoyed a way of life that will be unobtainable for their children and grandchildren.

Let’s assume, therefore, that social security has over-promised and, under the current economic circumstances (partly created by abortion and other socialist policies seniors allowed to occur by voting for their own benefit instead of the nation’s) cannot possibly met its obligations without literally bankrupting the country.

Would today’s seniors demand these benefits even though future generations will be left paying a bill that will cripple them? I fear that, come what may, today’s seniors don’t care about their children or grandchildren, they just want their benefits.

They might rationalize this selfishness by saying that getting all they “deserve” won’t bankrupt America or by the myth that they put in AS MUCH as they are getting back, but, in the end, debt is strangling America and all these benefits we give out, regardless of what has been paid in, are more than we can bear.

The writing is on the wall- the Federal Government is bankrupting America. Our present economic woes are almost totally a result of government programs, policies, and regulations that take resources away, put a lid on the creation of new wealth, and pour out public money at a higher rate than it can be replenished.

What is the response from the senior citizen lobby? “We don’t care, just make sure that we don’t have to suffer at all, even though we elected these officials who made these policies that will bankrupt America AFTER we are gone.”

The Bible says that parents should lay up treasure for their children and not vice-versa. Today’s senior citizen lobby, led by the socialist AARP, seems to believe otherwise.

Of course, reforming social security to a model that is more just to ALL, more efficient, and more in keeping with economic reality doesn’t HAVE TO cause any real pain or loss to today’s beneficiaries. That’s not the point. The point is that many of  today’s senior citizens, the ones who vote for Democrats to preserve their benefits at all cost, wouldn’t even consider giving up ANY of their benefits for the good of future generations- and therein lies the real reason why this nation could be headed for collapse.


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