Epic Systems doesn’t seem to care if your doctor and your surgeon can communicate about your medical history in an emergency- what they want is a monopoly strangelhold (worth BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars) over ALL medical records (thanks to a new rule being pushed by the Obama Administration and they’ll get it unless Congress stops them! CONTACT CONGRESSMAN ISSA ABOUT THIS NOW, ask him to investigate Epic Systems!

Judy Faulkner could gain a near monopoly over the entire “Health IT” sector through the leveraging of her insider political status with ruthless practices designed to give her company an unfair and unethical advantage in the marketplace. Faulkner, who owns Epic Systems, is getting paid by US Taxpayers to control digital access to hundreds of thousands of US citizens’ medical records and could soon control millions upon millions of medical records and get BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars.

This is theft by regulatory fiat and by insider politics, crony socialism at its worse.

CONTACT CONGRESSMAN ISSA ABOUT THIS NOW, ask him to investigate Epic Systems!

Judy Faulkner is a hyper partisan and big donor to ultra Progressive causes. In the past she has even called for virtual boycotts of businesses that supported other political causes or candidates and has even pulled contracts with providers for purely political reasons.

Judy Faulkner's EPIC FAIL!

Faulkner sees no problem, for instance, in being named to a panel that is in charge of handing out contracts to companies that provide digital record-keeping services while getting many of the best contracts herself.

What is more, Faulkner is supposed to be on this panel to provide expertise on something called interoperability. In a nutshell, that means that the government wants to ensure that different providers who NEED to see your medical records can access them easily, even if they all use different software platforms. The problem is that Faulkner’s company, Epic systems, sells a software platform that does not communicate with other software platforms.

In other words, if your doctor uses Epic Systems and your surgeon doesn’t they can’t share your information digitally in an emergency!

So why did Faulkner get named to a panel that is supposed to promote such “interoperability” when her company is the only major player in its field that explicitly, and ruthlessly, refuses to let its platform “talk” to other platforms?

The answer is simple: Faulkner is a big Obama supporter and fundraiser and has inside connections with the Obama administration.

In what amounts to a bad case of doublespeak, Faulkner is being asked to oversee the implementation of a policy goal, interoperability, that her company singularly refuses to participate in. This would be like having a KKK member being named to a panel that is supposed to promote the end of race-based separatism and discrimination.

What we see in Epic Systems is a dangerous mix of partisan extremism, and no doubt if they control your medical records they will not hesitate to use that power in partisan ways we can’t even imagine, while getting billions in taxpayer dollars, giving hundreds of millions back to Progressive political causes to finance more of the same kind of crony socialism.


Rumors abound that Faulkner and Epic Systems will get the contract if a new rule requiring that ALL medical records be shared with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).Under this rule the federal government would require that insurance companies submit detailed health care information about their patients. (The rule is available online at gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-07-15/pdf/2011-17609.pdf)If Faulkner gets the contract to manage these records, which is a distinct possibility, then EVERY healthcare provider would be forced to use Epic Systems because Epic Systems does not let other software programs communicate with its software. The only way to send or receive information to an Epic Systems platform is to use Epic Systems!

Judy Faulkner should be removed from ANY government panel that has to do with Health IT and NO federal contracts should go to a company that refuses to meet interoperability standards.

CONTACT CONGRESSMAN ISSA ABOUT THIS NOW, ask him to investigate Epic Systems!


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