Another quick article in my Quality Control processes series, today I'll be explaining the concept of Supplier Evaluation.

Consider depending you are working with a supplier in China and they are not delivering the results that they promised. Or maybe you're contemplating working with a new supplier in China, and you've rather avoided the hassle that comes from them failing to meet your expectations. If so, you need to use a qualified evaluation service, which can make sure you get what you want, when you want at the level of quality you need.

Talk to a specialist

Because of the difficulties inherent in conducting business in China it's better to use a local firm for your evaluation services. They'll be able to talk to the factory in their language, and to you in yours.

ISO 9001

Your supplier evaluations should be conducted in a manner that conforms to the international quality standard ISO 9001. The supplier evaluation service should provide a report based on recognized criteria for supplier performance, including:

– Production Equipment
– Production Capacity
– Quality Control
– Testing
– Safety
– Social Compliance
– Material Supply Chain Evaluation
– Infrastructure
– Organizational Cleanness
– Business Registration and Management Performance

You should be able to work with your provider of evaluation services to build in specific criteria that affect your business too; This kind of evaluation is not a "one size fits all" process.

To make the best of your opportunities in China, engage a company to perform a supplier evaluation for you, and be certain that your business relationship starts on a healthy footing.

You can find a reliable provider of supplier evaluation services in China here.

Source by James A Bruce


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