This morning the Supreme Court ruled on what is known as “Obamacare” by supporters and opponents alike.

The court ruled that the individual mandate is a “tax” and is therefore LEGAL, shocking observers and outraging Constitutionalists.

The media had initially guessed that the court would rule 8-1 in favor of the mandate but in the weeks leading up to the ruling conventional wisdom shifted against such an outcome.

Obamacare supporters felt that an ruling against the health care law would set America back and undo what they say as historic progress, while opponents said that if the ruling favored the individual mandate, under the commerce clause, it would be like saying there is no limit to Federal power.

Outraged Americans, most of whom oppose the law as an afffront to the very concept and principle of a limited, Constitutional Republic, are no considering, as one said to us, “that the courts are no longer a viable means of hatling the slide towards turanny” and that “other means” will have to be discovered and employed in the fight to stop the federal goverment from becoming the new Soviet empire in America.

Of course, proponents are delighted and consider this an historic win for their side, which does not believe in a constitutional republic but which embraces a form of democratic socialism like what Europe has.

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Here


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